“I don’t know what bothers them”

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Ántero Flores-Aráoz, the prime minister of the transitional government who has removed Martín Vizcarra from power after dismissing him in Congress, said on Thursday that he does not understand the annoyance of the tens of thousands of Peruvians who demonstrated against the change of Executive .

Flores-Aráoz stated that fails to understand the discontent of the population, which has exploded against the opposition’s decision to remove Vizcarra to assume the Government in the midst of the economic and health crisis of covid-19, and five months before the general elections.

The brand new president of the Council of Ministers made these remarks in a televised interview on the ATV channel as massive protests unfolded even in the smallest cities of the country.

In those mobilizations the main cry was “Merino Out”, in reference to Manuel Merino, the president of Congress who has assumed the Presidency of Peru after the removal of Vizcarra.

“I want to understand that something is bothering them, but I don’t know what,” said Flores-Aráoz, a 78-year-old conservative politician, who was a candidate for the Presidency of Peru in the last elections of 2016, where he obtained a ridiculous 0.43% of the votes.

Right-leaning government

“I am willing to meet with them to understand and seek solutions. We must see what they want,” added the head of the transition cabinet, who promised make a “broad base” Executive but finally it is conservative, with members of the right and the extreme right.

Flores-Aráoz was Defense Minister between 2007 and 2009, during the second government of the late former president Alan García (2006-2011) and resigned after the Baguazo, the bloody indigenous revolts that ended with 33 deaths, including 10 Amazonian natives and 23 police officers.

It has also been remembered after his proclamation as prime minister when, as a congressman in 2006, he called Peruvians “llamas and vicuñas” to show that the population was ignorant to consult him in a referendum on the signing of the free trade agreement between Peru and Peru. United States.

“If they march four days in a row, they go out of business”

The new Minister of Labor of the transitional Government, Juan Sheput, asserted that “protests are waning”, something notoriously false, because the demonstration that took place this Thursday in the historic center of Lima was one of the most massive in recent years, with tens of thousands of people, and the largest this week.

“How many businesses are harmed by these marches? There are people who need to be selling their things and cannot sell them because of the marches,” Sheput lamented in an interview with RPP Noticias.

“What I want is for you to respect the right of others to want to work. The rights of some do not limit those of the other. It is good that they express their concern for the democratic regime, but if they march four days in a row, the business on the corner has already gone bankrupt. because it can’t work, “he added.

Minister of Justice sees incentivized marches

For her part, on her first day as Minister of Justice, Delia Muñoz, considered that “the population has been encouraged to take to the streets” arguing that “there is abundant propaganda on social networks”, in reference to the multiple calls for spontaneous mobilizations in many cities of the country.

Likewise, the new Minister of Education, Fernando D’Alessio, also affirmed that these mobilizations are organized by the Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights (Movadef), the political arm of the Shining Path terrorist group, which in its demonstrations hardly usually calls a few dozen people.

Controversial removal of Vizcarra

Vizcarra was dismissed in Congress on Monday after the opposition’s second attempt in just over a month to remove him from power was successful under the pretext of an investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office for alleged corruption when he was regional governor of Moquequa (2011-2014) whose imputation has not yet been proven.

To remove him, use was made of article 113 of the Constitution, which allows the head of state to be removed for “permanent moral incapacity” with two thirds of the votes of the chamber, a figure that was contemplated for cases where the president suffered suddenly chronic mental illness.



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