“I did not commit any illegal act”: the defense speech of the president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra before the Congress

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The head of state went to the plenary session of Parliament to address the legislators, before they debate his dismissal.

The president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, stressed that his behavior “has always been correct” and that he has not committed “any illegal act”, when presenting his defense in the political trial opened against him in Congress.

The head of state went to the plenary session of Parliament to address the legislators, before they debate the request for dismissal or vacancy presented by moral incapacity and what does it require 87 votes To be approved.

“Peru cannot be detained for some audios without any validity,” said Vizcarra, alluding to the recordings made by his former secretary Karem Roca and that involve him in a corruption case for the alleged hiring of a “gnocchi” with a floor of 50 thousand dollars.

Vizcarra asked “my sincerely apologies” to the citizens for the crisis generated as a result of the audios and remarked that “the only crime and only illegal proven so far is clandestine recording.”

“I recognize that it is my voice in one of those audios, which in no way I am going to accept are the accusations“added the president.

The aforementioned audios show the coordination between the president and his closest circle in the Government Palace to hide the alleged participation of the ruler in the irregular hiring of the singer Richard Swing at the Ministry of Culture.

The president affirmed that the accusations against him are based on “audios without expertise, without being contrasted, without even recognizing the veracity of its content “.

He reported that Roca has already acknowledged that he lied about the content of several of the audios, such as when he says that the Minister of Transport, Carlos Estremadoyro, is his “cashier”, or that the Navy spies on legislators.

“With so much lies, so much falsehood and without the slightest contrast, the possibility of vacar al presidente “, expressed the ruler.

Vizcarra reiterated that he is the first interested in that the investigations of the Public Ministry get to the bottom of this complaint and that he is willing to give his statements right now.

In this regard, he added: “we must be respectful of the instances, let the Public Ministry be in charge of analyzing the merits of this investigation, it is who has the competence of the investigation and not Congress.”

Vizcarra asked the Legislature not to generate “a new baseless crisis that would affect the most vulnerable Peruvians” and trusted that the parliamentarians “will make their democratic values ​​prevail.”

At the end of his defense, Vizcarra left his lawyer Roberto Pereira in charge of presenting the constitutional and legal arguments to reject his dismissal.

After their intervention, the legislators had planned to go on to debate the vacancy motion, which according to the political pronouncements of the last hours would be far from reaching the votes required to be approved.




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