Actor Pamela Anderson and a football star Adil Rami resigned in the summer of 2019 in stormy signs. Anderson accused Ram of beating him and having spent a Double Life.

Rami was a partner in the FNSF, an organization that fights women’s violence, but after the allegations, the FNSF announced it was ending its cooperation with Rami.

The top futurist has denied Anderson’s claims, but he hasn’t set out to defend himself properly in the past.

Now a book has been written about Ram, in which he gave an interview to the French magazine Le Figaro. In the interview, the man told his own version of what had happened.

– He (Anderson) wanted to crush me. He never made any complaint because nothing happened, Rami notes of the assault charges.

– I suffered for a long time from people spreading lies about me.

Ram said he could have played a dirty game too, but the man didn’t want to go down that road.

– I could show our sex video, his email, his poem, his crazy love messages that would refute his claim, Rami says.

The defender, who plays in Boavista today, wants to forget the past after the book and move on. Ram said he didn’t complain about Anderson’s accusations because he took them as a “lesson”.

Rami, 34, was at the peak of his career in 2018 when he won World Cup gold in the ranks of France.

Toppari has also played in his career in the shirts of Lille, Valencia, AC Milan, Seville, Marseille and Fenerbahçe.

Source: Look