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“I caught the coronavirus in March and I’m still sick”


Charlie Russell is a 27-year-old British man who was infected with coronavirus in March, exactly 182 days ago. He doesn’t work, he doesn’t go out, he doesn’t play sports. Does not get better. “I’m still bad,” he confesses.

As collected The Guardian, Russell sufre chest pains, severe migraines, shortness of breath, dizziness and fatigue.

“If I knew I was going to be that sick, I would have taken everything a lot more seriously in March,” he says. “But all we heard then was that if you got infected and were young, surely you wouldn’t have any symptoms. Or that you’d be sick for a couple of weeks and that would be it, “he says.

Charlie Russell, a theater photographer, has not worked since March 14. ‘I’ve had a lot of time to look back and think’What was he doing then? ‘ And how I wish I hadn’t been doing those things. “

Her first symptoms lasted for two weeks and then improved, but soon after she began to feel severe chest pains. “as if someone was sitting on me”. Doctors downplayed it.

Russell asked for a second opinion and after an antibody test, it was confirmed that he still had the virus.

“When people refuse to wear a mask or obey the most basic rules of distancing social is very frustrating“he says.” I feel like shaking them up and saying ‘I’ve been living with this for six months, “he says.

“I think that many young people, and that is in human nature, believe that if something does not affect you directly, it is that it does not exist. My friends who keep going to pubs, who keep going out to dinner and not taking it seriously… I feel sorry for them, “he says.

Charlie Russell was a healthy young man, who ran about 3 miles in less than 25 minutes every day. Now he can barely climb stairs.



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