I break your rating: the day Jorge Porcel prevented Maradona from scoring the championship goal

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Secrets of the 1981 film, directed by Hugo Sofovich, in which “El Diez” was stopped by “Jorge Fetuccini”, a sensationalist notero. Juan Alberto Mateyko, who also made a collaboration, recounts his memories.

Riddle: who was Hugo Sofovich’s assistant director in I break your rating, film starring Jorge Porcel and Moria Casán that was released in April 1981?

Juan José Campanella, yes, himself.

Produced by Aries, in the cast Juan Alberto Mateyko, Javier Portales, Camila Perissé, César Bertrand and Luisa Albinoni also stood out., among other stellar figures.

The film also had the “gentle collaboration” of Diego Armando Maradona, who at that time was already showing off in Argentinos Juniors: in 1980 he had scored four goals against Hugo Gatti, from Boca, after the goalkeeper called him “chubby”.

What was it about I break your rating? To harm Channel 8 television, Channel 4, its rival station, “infiltrates” Porcel (in the role of “Jorge Fetuccini”), whom it considers an “inept”.

However, “Fetuccini”, which appears by mistake in all the programs, ends up becoming a success with the audience, how could it be, why not, Floricienta o MasterChef Celebrity.

“What’s your name?” They ask Porcel’s character at one point. “Jorge Fetuccini, but everyone calls me an idiot.”

Channel 8’s programming manager was Javier Portales, in the role of “Bochini”. And he comes up with an idea: for “Fetuccini” to go out to make “sensationalist” notes, “with a hook”, along with Moria Casán, in this case “Moria Gutié”, as a cameraman.

Now we are on the Argentinos court, in Juan Agustín García and Boyacá, in the stadium that stands out for having a wall behind one of the arches, with the danger that the ball will go to the street.

Maradona dribbles one, two, three, four, five rivals, including the goalkeeper. When he is about to define – when he is about to give a pass to the net, César Luis Menotti-, he is stopped by “Fetuccini” who, with a red jacket, in tune with the clothes of the Bichitos de La Paternal, asks Pelusa : “Diego, exclusively for Channel 8. Do you think this could be the best goal of your career?”

“I think so,” Ten replies.

“How many players did he dribble?”

“Four or five and the goalkeeper.”

Desperate, when seeing that Diego does not specify the goal, the Argentine coach yells at him from the substitute bench: “Maradona, what are you doing? Put it in! ”.

No, it is not that easy. Diego continues to be held back by “Fetuccini”, who insists: “Diego, you know that if you score this goal, your team wins the championship for the first time”.

“Yes, yes, that’s why, let me make the goal and then we continue talking.”


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