In vain, the 13.7 kWh Li-Ion Polymer battery pack, often the Hyundai Tucson PHEV, which will embark on sale in the spring of 2021, awaits its owners with a 558-liter boot. Of course, this is not as famous as the 622 liters of the essential version, but even so it has significantly more space than the previous generation (513 liters)

This, of course, is perhaps the least significant feature of the new Tucson plug in – more than 50 kilometers of electrical range (preliminary but standard data), a 265-horsepower, 350 Newton-meter powertrains, or the adaptive all-wheel drive offered at a simple price.

The transmission is a 6speed automatic, there is no shift lever, only pushbuttons – but we’ve by now seen this in the hybrid edition. The on-board charger has a strength of 7.2 kW, so it does not take long to charge often the battery pack. Unfortunately, the average fuel intake data, top speed and acceleration by 0 to 100 km / must i have not yet been announced with the manufacturer – the latter will certainly end up being noticeably better than ever before, as Tucson has never been so strong, the top rate is pretty uninteresting, and consumption intended for plug-in hybrids depends on the user’s willpower and daily mileage anyhow – we’ll be happy to betray it anyway.