Hurricane Delta made landfall in Puerto Morelos, Mexico: Cancun evacuates tourists

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The category 2 cyclone, but which became four, entered the Yucatan Peninsula.

The hurricane Delta made landfall near Puerto Morelos, on the northeast coast of Mexico, on the morning of this Wednesday, a little more weakened to go from category 3 to 2 with winds of 175 km / h.

His hit was expected since last night at the spa of Cancún, before heading to the coast of the United States this week.

The greatest immediate impact of the hurricane is expected in the extreme northeast of the Yucatan Peninsula, a tourist area in the Mexican Caribbean. full of spas.

At around 6 a.m., the eye of the cyclone had settled ominously over Yucatán, producing heavy to torrential rains.

The swell in the area is estimated between 5 to 9 meters high and a storm surge of 1 to 2 meters high is expected in the north of Quintana Roo and 2 to 4 meters in the coasts of Yucatan.

The Mexican government called on the population not to leave home and follow the measures offered in the official accounts of the institutions.

Given the danger that the hurricane represents for the northern zone of Quintana Roo, the Civil Protection Command Center has been installed in Cancun, directed by the Secretary of the Navy, José Rafael Ojeda; the national coordinator of Civil Protection, Laura Velázquez Alzúa, and the governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín González.

The latter highlighted that Delta’s eye has a diameter of about 9 kilometers and its cloud bands a diameter of about 1,000 kilometers.

The entire area, from Tulum to Cancun, is made up of totally dependent on tourism, which were just beginning to come out of the closure imposed by the pandemic and will receive the hurricane with many areas already flooded and affected by tropical storm Gamma.

In Cancun, long lines stretched on Tuesday in supermarkets, warehouses and gas stations as residents scrambled to search for supplies under mostly sunny skies.

The authorities warned the population to have enough food and water on hand for several days. Boat owners lined up on public ramps to take out their boats of the water.

Meanwhile, the evacuations of tourists and residents of coastal areas along the Riviera Maya and from islands like Holbox to safe spaces began.

Only in Cancun were they enabled 160 shelters. One of them is the city’s convention center, for residents of the hotel zone whose residences are not safe. The place can host up to 1,500 people.

“We have carried out all the protocols” but “it is a strong, powerful hurricane,” said Quintana Roo Governor Carlos Joaquín.

The official said that the region had not received a hurricane of such magnitude since the Wilma pass in 2005, that it made landfall as a Category 4 storm and remained 70 hours above the state. On this occasion, he trusted that Delta will not last more than 14 hours over the territory.

Hotels with structures strong enough to withstand the impact of hurricanes began to move their guests to the safer areas and they set up all their emergency protocols.


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