Greece is in the grip of an exceptionally severe hurricane. Since the wind speed is measured up to 33 meters per second, one can already speak of a hurricane.

The western part of Greece and the islands of the Ionian Sea in particular are being tested with a really tough hand.

– Conditions are really harsh due to storm winds and rainfall, Minister Nikos Hardalias complained.

A hurricane called Ianos has already forced ferry traffic to stop. Ryanair planes heading to Kefalonia airport also had to return to Athens.

Power outages have been experienced everywhere and the authorities are trying to get people to safety as quickly as possible.

The Coast Guard is concerned about the ship carrying 55 asylum seekers, but is also unable to send a rescue ship to the scene.

“Trees are falling everywhere,” said the governor of the Ionian Islands Rodi Kratsa To the ERT channel.

The hurricane should turn straight south as early as Friday. But meteorologists fear a new storm will strike central Greece.

As a result, a camp for 800 asylum seekers has been evacuated from near Athens. Nearly the same number of people have also been evacuated from three other camps, and housed in the capital’s convention center.

The Mediterranean hurricane, or medical, is a rare phenomenon because the sea area, for example, is smaller than the Caribbean Sea, and the water temperature is not as high.

They were not known at all in Greece until 1995. Since then, however, the Greeks have become accustomed to medics at an ever-accelerating pace. For example, the 2017 hurricane claimed 25 lives.