Hunter Biden sues laptop repair shop owner, citing privacy violation.

Hunter Biden has filed a robust lawsuit against the owner of the computer repair shop who claimed he left his laptop and never reclaimed it, escalating the battle over how provocative data and images of the president’s son were obtained nearly five years ago. In a counterclaim filed on Friday at the US district court in Delaware, Biden and his attorneys argued that John Paul Mac Isaac had no legal right to copy and distribute personal information. They accuse him and others of six counts of privacy invasion, including conspiracy to obtain and distribute data. The suit also seeks jury trial for any compensatory or punitive damages.

The 42-page filing goes into significant detail about how Hunter Biden’s data became public after leaving it with Mac Isaac’s repair shop in 2019, which later became central in former President Trump’s allegations against Joe Biden during last year’s election campaign. In response to Mac Isaac’s claims that he legally obtained the laptop from Biden himself, Hunter says he doesn’t admit or deny any knowledge about what happened.

According to Hunter Biden’s lawsuit, after illegally obtaining his private information through an unlawful agreement between him and others involved with an electronic repair company where he took his computer for service; personal information was subsequently provided to third parties for unknown purposes thereby breaching Mr. Biden’s rights as described under applicable law.

Hunter’s counterclaim is partly an attempt by him and his lawyers to reframe stories surrounding him on a more private citizen whose privacy would have been intruded upon rather than being targeted due to being linked politically.

Biden is seeking a ruling requiring anyone who might possess copies of these data — whether full or partial — belonging exclusively within Mr.Biden be returned immediately.

This move comes ahead Rep.James Comer (R-Ky.) preparation high profile Investigation into President Joe Bidens Son

This is Hunter Biden ‘s first legal deposition since laptop issues arose arguing that if indeed it belonged to him considering existing provisions under Delawrean law limiting Mac isaac’ access or distribution rights.

The issue has led many critics questioning its credibility due political climate consisting Donald Trump era narratives whereby unverified claims frequently made their way onto mainstream media often based on hearsay without appropriate verification & authenticity procedures implemented beforehand

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