Assemblies are to be banned, restaurants closed, cultural events and entertainment postponed, and a traffic ban during the night is to be extended between local hours 20.00-5.00, Orban announced in a Facebook post.

Sports meetings are held, but will be held behind closed doors.

In education, nurseries and schools are to remain open, but both in high schools and universities courses are held online.

These measures – to be approved by Parliament on Tuesday – are to be applied for at least 30 days.

Hungary, a Central European country with less than ten million inhabitants, has seen nearly 2,500 deaths from COVID-19 and nearly 115,000 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

A real “explosion” of COVID-19 has taken place in recent days in Hungary.

The sovereignist prime minister expressed his hope on Friday to avoid isolation.

“People want Hungary to continue to function, and the economy must be protected, as must the lives of the people,” Orban told the public radio station on Friday.

“We see the end of the tunnel, we have more and more good news about vaccines,” he added.

The Orban government plans to import “small quantities of vaccines” from Russia in December for clinical trials.