Hungary does not divide, does not multiply, Europeans are childish

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US President-elect Joe Biden won’t take away FBI Director Christopher Wray

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Who did you vote for? Joe Biden or Donald Trump?

Divided: Republicans (in the congressional election) and Biden. Not that I thought I was so super, but he spoke in moderation, and I was tired of Trump’s voice.

He certainly won: it looks like Biden will be the next president of the United States. What can the world expect?

In general, American foreign policy is quite consistent, even when our country is strained by internal problems. Barack Obama has set three priorities. The first was the withdrawal of our troops from the Middle East, the second was the arrest of Russia, and the third was the confrontation with China. Donald Trump’s policy was pretty much the same. And it will be Joe Biden’s, too, mainly because he doesn’t have much choice. He will be a very, very weak president.

You mean, like, your personality?

No. The country is completely divided and the Senate does not fall into the hands of the Democrats, and the upper house of Congress is in many ways more important than who the president is. Just as Trump barely won in 2016, now Biden is just like that. There won’t be much room for creative activity. Conservatives are also in the majority in the Supreme Court. We are going through an internal crisis.

Now, then, can’t a euphoric Europe rejoice over Trump’s fall?

It must be seen: Europe is not essential to the United States. We only have minor problems with the EU. We have only two important strategic interests in Europe, one related to Poland and the other to the Black Sea, Romania. This will remain so under Biden. Sure, it will emphasize human rights, but there’s not much room for maneuver. The United States is not in the habit of fundamentally changing its policy in a few years.

And now most people in Europe are enthusiastic: a new world is coming …

Do you remember when Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? Europeans are children. In their fixation, they see only personalities in front of them. They believed in the same miracle when Obama replaced George W. Bush, who was hated because of the Iraq war. By the end, they already hated Obama. So much so, now the atmosphere will be different. But the point is, the policies of a 330 million country are not shaped by a single person. Europeans will be disappointed again, as they are constantly disappointed in the United States. Understand that we are not and do not want to be a European country.

Biden recently mentioned Hungary in a row with Belarus and Poland as a totalitarian system. What can the Orbán government expect from Washington after that?

This is Germany. The American Democrats want to be loved in Berlin and Paris, so they have joined this line and are hostile to Hungary. It doesn’t cost anything, but it brings good points in European capitals, and they will pay attention to such sounds in Budapest as well. Look, Hungary is a small country. He has the right to national sovereignty, but he cannot afford to be isolated. What may seem like a small thing in America is big in Hungary. I don’t think Hungarians trust Americans. But the main problem for Hungary is that it needs someone.

He said we don’t trust Americans. Viktor Orbán has just inaugurated the statue of the senior President George Bush in Budapest, accompanied by words of appreciation …



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