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The frontal opposition of Hungary al compulsory distribution of refugees in the EU, their continuous disagreements with Brussels over attempts to control of the judicial system and the media and the refusal to link the respect for the rule of law and the new european budget that the Twenty-seven are still negotiating with great difficulties. But to all this a new front opened by the prime minister has been added this Tuesday, Viktor Orbán. In a letter addressed to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, the Hungarian leader demands the removal of the Vice President Vera Jourova and announces the “suspension of all bilateral contacts” with the head of Securities and Transparency.

Behind this new frontal attack by Orbán on Brussels are some statements made by the commissioner, a Czech national, during this past weekend to the magazine ‘Der Spiegel’. “Mr. Orbán likes to say that he is building a illiberal democracy … I would say you are building a sick democracy“Jourova criticized. These words provoked an angry and immediate reaction from the Government.

“Vera Jourova has to resign. No democratic institution should tolerate a leader who uses abuse as he did in his interview on ‘Spiegel’. Define Hungary as a sick democracy humiliates the Hungarian people, contradicts European values ​​and shames the people“the justice minister attacked on Monday, Judit Varga, on his Twitter account. “Commissioner Vera Jourova is absolutely right to call the autocrats corrupt and defend European values ​​”, replied the liberal Dutch MEP Sophie in’tVeld.

The prime minister himself has chosen to give oxygen to the controversy by sending a letter to the president of the European Commission in which he asks for the resignation of Jourova. “Since our accession in 2004, Hungary has always been a committed member state of the European Union,” Orbán said in the one-page letter dated September 28. In it, he describes the words of the Czech liberal as “an insult to citizens of Hungarian nationality for saying that they are not in a position to form an independent opinion.”

Neutrality and objectivity

According to the Hungarian leader, they are not only “a direct political attack against the democratically elected Government of Hungary “, a country that like Poland is subject to Article 7 of the Treaty by violation of the rule of law, but also “a humiliation” to the country and its citizens. “It is inappropriate and unacceptable,” says the leader of the Fidesz, whose members are part of the bench of the European People’s Party in the Eurocamara. In Orbán’s opinion, Jourova’s words contradict the principles of neutrality and objectivity of the institution he represents, they are “an evident violation of the principle of sincere cooperation”, which make “any future dialogue between Hungary and the vice president impossible”, therefore his resignation “is indispensable”, he claims, announcing that in the meantime the Hungarian Government suspends “all political contacts” with the commissioner.

The announcement comes a few days after the European Commission presents the first report on the rule of law in the member states, which assesses the situation in the Twenty-seven, and hours after the rotating presidency of the EU, which occupies Germany, sent its compromise proposal to condition in certain circumstances the obtaining of European funds to respect the rule of law, one of the great obstacles in the negotiation of the new EU budget for the period 2021-2027, so that payments can be suspended when a country violates the principles of respect for the rule of law.



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