At the meeting, the two politicians reaffirmed their position that EU funds should benefit both countries, as both Poland and Hungary contribute to the European Union’s economic performance and therefore EU funds are common resources, Péter said. Szijjártó for the Hungarian news agency MTI.
He considered it unacceptable that, through blackmail, pressure is being put on Warsaw and Budapest to change their immigration or other policies.
The politician also agreed with his Polish counterpart that the two countries will reject the European Commission’s new pact on refugees, a pact that, according to the head of Hungarian diplomacy, has the same principle that the Commission has had for the past five years. mistakes.
The proposed pact “would also provide for a new quota of refugees and is just a forced grammatical experiment to rename it,” said the Hungarian foreign minister, who added that the quota was called “sponsored reimbursement” in vain. equally mandatory refugee quota.