Hundreds of women in Ecuador demand the decriminalization of abortion

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Hundreds of Ecuadorian women held protests on Monday for the Global Day of Action for a legal and safe abortion, with which they demanded its decriminalization and criticized the unity between the Church and the State in this type of debate.

“Mothers by decision, not by violation“chanted the activists who gathered in a square in the center-north of Quito and who marched to the National Assembly (Parliament), to then go to the historic center of the city.

They demand their rights

“Get your rosaries out of our ovaries”, the feminists who paraded with sanitary masks and other biosecurity measures to protect themselves from the contagion of the coronavirus.

“They rape us, they kill us and now they take away our right to decide, “read the legend of one of the banners that appeared during the tour that feminist groups made in Quito, in which there were no altercations with the forces of order.

Iconic date

“Our grandmothers gave us the vote, our mothers the divorce and we will leave our daughters the right to decide“resounded another of the slogans that was heard loudly in the streets of the center of the capital.

“That he State aborts the Church“added another legend shown by a feminist group that criticized the close relationship of the Episcopate with the Government, in this and other matters.

Cristina Cachahuayco, one of the activists who participated in the Quito demonstration, told Efe that the “28-S”, is an iconic date for feminism because it is a world day of struggle for the decriminalization of abortion.

Risks to your health

He assured that the statistics show the high level of incidence in the country and the world for poorly practiced abortions and pointed out that the country’s criminal legislation penalizes women for aborting, which also represents public health issue due to the health care problems that this entails.

He criticized the government of the president Lenin Moreno, whom he accused of having demagogically offered to govern in favor of vulnerable sectors, such as women, but said that he has not complied with such offer.

He cited Moreno’s recent total objection to a Organic Law of Health, which included several proposals from feminist sectors, such as the right to hospital care in cases of abortion.

New mobilizations

The Government “is not interested in our lives,” said Cachahuayco after censuring that, apparently, Moreno yielded to pressure from authorities of the Catholic Church, from the so-called “pro-life” groups and from the most conservative sectors of the country.

However, the activist recalled that feminist achievements They have been the product of long struggles in that sector and not the product of “handouts from the governments” of the day.

For this reason, she indicated that feminist groups prepare new mobilization days, and that by October they will take actions to remember the feminist support for the popular uprising of a year ago, when social mobilization prevented the application of economic adjustments announced by the Government.

She also said that in November, feminist groups prepare various actions during the days against gender violence.



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