The match was only 28 seconds behind when Davinson Sanchez poured Anthony Martialin in the penitentiary area dotted. Bruno Fernandes stepped behind the ball. Secure placement in the bottom corner: 1-0.

The joy of United did not last long, for Tanguy Ndombele leveled the game to 1-1 at the end of the goal back in the fourth minute.

More shock treatment for the hosts was served Son Heung-min, who escaped in the seventh minute for a half-run Harry Kanen from the input. Luritus in the back corner surprised David de Gean, and Manchester United were 1-2 at a loss despite the lightning strike.

The show continued after 29 minutes when Erik Lamela teased Martial. The Frenchman gave the Spurs a small lizard and flew out with a red card. Lamela still survived this situation without warning, but a moment later an Argentine man was shown an Easter card.

Two minutes later, the goal was seen as a shift when the ManU defense was right on the job in the opening game. Tottenham deprived the ball, and Kane shot the visitors on a two-goal run.

In the 37th minute, Son struck again. This time, the South Korean managed to twinkle Serge Aurierin center of the Gea sticks in, and Tottenham took a break in the 4-1 lead.

In the second half, the pace waned as Tottenham scored two more goals.

Aurier fired a fifth-shot shot after 51 minutes. The exact earthworm slid to the bottom corner.

Half an hour later, Kane finished Tottenham with a 6-1 victory on a point.

The story was updated at the end of the game at 8:32 p.m.