Both the Internet and technology are of vital importance in current times, especially now that the global coronavirus pandemic It has led us to keep our distance to contain the peak of infections.

The use of digital tools has increased exponentially and although they have become an extension of ourselves, it is also true that this represents an increased risk, especially in minors.

As a parent, it is necessary to know that there is a great responsibility when a minor owns a device with Internet access.

This is exemplified by the case of Goofy Humano, a fictional character who incites children to self-inflicted violence through social media.

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Goofy Humano and how to prevent a minor from being at risk

Depriving minors of technology is not necessarily a solution. To do this, we talked with Roberto Martinez, Senior Security Analyst at Kaspersky, who told us more about this character who has been very popular in Brazil and in some parts of Europe.

Martínez ensures that the Goofy Humano represents great risk because it is aimed at influencing audiences.

«This character began to make challenges on the Internet and the audience for this type of character is children, adolescents and people who can be influenced. The risk in these types of scenarios is that, by sending the wrong messages, you could be influencing the way children and adolescents act, “he explained.

The security expert noted that it is unclear who is behind the Goofy Humano, but it turns out to be attractive to minors.

“They encourage minors to do activities that can be risky or can even take their lives. It is not clear who is behind this, but someone abused their characteristics to be attractive, especially to minors, “he said.

What to do as a parent?

Roberto Martinez considers that the most advisable thing is to talk with minors so that they are more attentive to what they consume on the Internet.

The analyst explains that the basis of everything will always be communication, since putting controls on mobile devices without explaining the reasons, could be taken as an attack and invasion of privacy.

Similarly, Martínez emphasizes that communication could be complemented by parental controls.

“Parental controls are an excellent option because, depending on their characteristics, they can block access to content, filter certain words, or prevent access to websites.”

The issue with minors is that they can be trusted. The influence that social networks have is important, so the ideal would be to establish communication so that they navigate with greater caution.

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There are those who claim that this is only a creepypasta, whose origin began with a man over 30 who has a similar appearance to the Disney character.

So far, there is no data that indicates that a minor in Mexico has been a victim of the viral challenge, but it never hurts to talk with the little ones so that they browse the Internet safely and responsibly.

If you want to protect your children online, Kaspersky has a tool called Safe Kids designed to control screen time, know the location and block harmful searches.

Or, you can use Family Link, a Google application to control the content of minors on their phones.