Hugo Maradona, Diego’s first relative to speak: ‘More than destroyed we are dead while alive’

The younger brother of “Pelusa” spoke from Italy and left a painful message. He also warned that he will travel to Argentina with his family to fire him.

“I still can’t believe it, I think what is happening is a joke”, he says “Turkish” Hugo Maradona in a television interview conducted on TyC Sports.

The youngest of Diego’s male brothers lives in amazement, like everyone else, the death of his brother. And it was, neither more nor less, that the first of the family to go out to speak to the press.

The former soccer player trained in Argentinos Juniors, affirms with disbelief: “I told my wife, Paola (Morra), that the asshole was making a joke again. I’m watching television and there are a lot of people in (the Napoli stadium) San Paolo “.

And he adds, on the verge of tears: “Everyone is shocked. It is very sad, very painful”.

“Huguito”, who knew how to play most of his career in Japan, away from the big boys flashes and the media world in which his brother was involved, he warned the press that he will not hesitate to react if he sees a lack of respect for Diego’s memory: “All I want is for them to remember him on the field, they already hit him a lot outside. When I speak first, if I get to be in Argentina, I will go find him“.

And he added: “That they don’t talk one more thing about my brother because I’m going to look for them. I’m not handsome or anything, but let him rest in peace “.

In addition, he referred to his family: “I want to hug my sisters. I want to be next to the people who love him and who I think will continue to love him. The relationship we had with my brother … We lived it when we were little. It’s hard, it’s hard … It’s a big pain. It is a very big loss ”.

Brother delo “Onion” He got a direct return from Italy, since a company offered to bring him to the country when they heard that he was not getting air tickets.

Within hours, Hugo Maradona also spoke with a Spanish medium. In dialogue with The spar, the former offensive midfielder told how he learned of his brother’s death: “My daughter told me. I went to do some shopping and he told me “.

The “Turkish”, who played in the Spanish country wearing the Rayo Vallecano shirt, said with great pain about the memory of his brother: “I have so many, but It must be remembered for what it was on the field. His mistakes have been remembered instead of the good he did to football, because that sells more than goals“And he continued:” No colleague spoke ill of him. That was a matter of the media, of the disrespectful ”.

The youngest of the male brothers in the Maradona family (eight in total) demonstrated all his pain with a forceful phrase: “We are dead alive. We didn’t expect it “.

To close the interview, Hugo Maradona told about the last time they spoke: “I spoke to him on Sunday. He called me and was fine, normal, in recovery from the operation. According to what they told me, he suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest and they couldn’t save him. ”

“I still can’t believe it. It doesn’t enter my head. I will have to assimilate it, but it will be hard “. The whole world mourns the farewell to the best footballer of all time, his brother too. And he will do so by traveling with his family to Argentina, the country that gave life to the great soccer legend, Diego Armando Maradona.




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