Takuma Sato drove to victory in the dramatic motorsport grand race, the Indy500 race.

The victory was the second career of Sato in the F1 series from 2002-2008. The first full hit in India came in 2017.

Sato, 43, rose to the top of the race a little surprisingly just over twenty laps before the finish line, when the race practically led from the start. Scott Dixon bent at the end of a strategic battle. Dixon led as many as 111 of the 200 laps of the race, but Sato managed to get ahead of the man after the last depot visits.

Dixon tried his best at the end, but Sato did not falter. The Japanese had to experience extra palpitations in the final rounds with those to be enrolled in the round, but Dixon failed to use his stroke in place.

Before Dixon had time to launch his last attack, the battle for victory watered down Spencer Pigotin driven violently out five laps before the goal.

The American driver lost control of his car in the final bend, sliding in a wild way sideways above the depot wall at the worst possible angle.

Despite the severe impact, the driver was able to climb out of his car himself. After that, however, he fumbled to the surface of the track, so the medical staff took the man to the track hospital.

Sato drove to the checkered flag as the winner after the safety car before Dixon and Graham rahalia.

Alonso has a hard time

The gaze of the world of motorsports was focused Fernando Alonsoon, but the F1 World Champion did not reach 21 places higher.

Alonso’s race was finally ruined by a failed depot visit when the man’s car refused to set off.

The Spaniard, who performed for the third time in Indianapolis, will not participate in the next two competitions. It keeps Restorative care of his Renault F1 frolics.

Plenty of exits

Typically, races and safety car situations colored the course of the race. The safety car was seen on the track on as many as six different occasions.

In the middle we saw a fierce exit when Oliver Askew hurried too sparse steering motion still spinning Conor Dalya avoiding. Askew crashed into the security fence at a rapid pace, but the resilient wall did its job perfectly.

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Alexander Rossi was for a moment one of the main performers in the victory battle, but the man’s race got a nasty ending after the man was one of those who crashed into the wall of his car.

Prior to that, the winner of the 2016 race was dropped behind the gang after he hit the pits Takuma Saton to the car.

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One of the losers was familiar from the F1 races Marcus Ericsson.