Huawei would launch smartphones with MediaTek and Xiaomi and OPPO chips with Exynos

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The world of processors could witness a major shock towards smartphones in 2021. And while there is talk that Huawei would launch smartphones with MediaTek chips while solving the impossibility of accessing Qualcomm chips, Samsung seeks to sell Exynos SoCs to major manufacturers: Xiaomi Y OPPO.

In the case of Huawei we are talking about information that we can still hardly say is more than a rumor. A fairly well-founded one that will not surprise anyone if it materializes, but a rumor at last. On the other hand, Samsung’s intention to sell Exynos chips to Xiaomi and OPPO corresponds to a report from the site Business Korea.

Samsung seeks to expand its customer agenda and Huawei to solve its crisis

Both news are related to crisis. Crises of different sizes, but crisis at last. For one thing, Huawei no longer has TSMC as its premium chip maker and Qualcomm is not authorized by the US Department of Commerce to sell it components.

On the other hand, reports indicate that Xiaomi and OPPO are having difficulties reaching their processor supply goals to launch the multiple mid-range and low-end devices they have planned for the future. That’s when Samsung enters the list of both Chinese companies as a supplier.

The reasons are different, but we are talking about a circuit of competitors that, in the long or short, end up affecting Qualcomm when in another context it might not happen this way.

Although, to be honest, the situation of Xiaomi and OPPO would have been a lost arm wrestling by Qualcomm itself because Business Korea reports that Chinese brands would have chosen Samsung for having more competitive prices.

Huawei would launch smartphones with MediaTek chips as the Taiwanese company secured a huge share of the smartphone market with 5G connectivity by introducing most of its different Dimensity processors early in 2020. This market position secured its contract with Huawei going forward short to medium term.

Little by little, 2021 is shaping up to be a year of great promise: Huawei smartphones with MediaTek chips and HarmonyOS 2.0 as the operating system; Xiaomi and OPPO smartphones with Exynos chips; and another year in which Samsung will gain a greater presence in the world of sales of components for mobile devices.

Source: Business Korea

Via: Gizchina


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