In September, Huawei launched two completely different devices, although they are part of the same range of devices: smartwatches. We have already talked about the first of these, being Huawei Watch GT2 Pro, a watch for those who want the best Huawei in the smartwatch segment, both in terms of software and hardware, combined with a premium look.

Now it’s time to examine the Huawei Watch Fit, a smartwatch that looks completely different from what we’ve seen so far from Huawei. You immediately notice the rectangular screen, which makes you think of a fitness bracelet, except that it is much wider than anything you see on the products in this range.

The unboxing experience is pretty simple. The watch box contains two things: the watch itself and the charger (you can also find some rubbish, but we know very well that this is a negligible amount and no one reads it). The latter basically consists of two magnetic pins that stick to the top of the watch.

Superb screen, visible in sunlight

We return to the screen, which looks very good: a 1.64-inch, AMOLED display, covered with glass and with a plastic frame – watch out for the latter, because it can be scratched quite easily. It has 5 levels of brightness intensity, the highest being perfect for use in sunlight, but you can also leave it on Auto, in which case the watch will adjust the brightness itself depending on the environment in which it is located.

The setup is quite easy, through the Huawei Health application. You will have to do an update at the beginning, so the whole process of setting the clock takes about 5-10 minutes.

Of course, the watch can do the things we find today on most smartwatches: it monitors your heart rate with Huawei TruSeen 4.0’s proprietary technology, and it can send you alerts if “abnormal” changes occur and can monitor and oxygen saturation in the blood, another indicator that could prevent certain health problems. For ladies, the clock can also keep track of the menstrual cycle and estimate the time of ovulation.

Huawei Watch Fit: Probably the best smartwatch under 500 lei (TECH REVIEW)

There is also sleep monitoring, through Huawei TruSleep 2.0 technology. The watch assesses the quality of sleep you have had, giving you a score from 0 to 100 and tips that can help you sleep better, gathered directly from scientists. The wellness category also includes the TruRelax function, which monitors your stress level, and which Huawei introduced with the Huawei Watch GT2. As with the tips for better sleep, in the application you will find various suggestions to relax, such as breathing exercises, which you can do with the help of the clock.

Integrated GPS so you don’t have to take your phone with you while running

But let’s also talk about the main aspect of a fitness smartwatch and the reason why many choose such a device: exercise monitoring. Here is the main advantage of the Huawei Watch Fit, because it also has GPS, so you can track your route while running. Not only that, but the watch gives you real-time and various details about the training you do and after its completion, you will find a lot of data in the application.

And speaking of training, the watch recognizes a lot of different workouts and physical activities. And when I say a lot, that’s right, because we’re talking about 96 different activities, from yoga, to running, to power walking, swimming, cycling and just about any other physical activity that comes to mind. It is a complete watch from this point of view, giving you a variety of options and precise data for each of them.

Huawei Watch Fit: Probably the best smartwatch under 500 lei (TECH REVIEW)

Another useful feature is that of exercise animations, which is available through an OTA (Over The Air) update. Basically, the watch shows you 12 types of animated quick exercises that you can do quickly, to stay fit or on breaks from work. Another animation urges you to get up from your chair if the clock feels that you haven’t moved from a place for a while, encouraging you to walk a little.

Obviously, there are functions such as controlling the music on the watch, checking notifications and received messages or even controlling the camera remotely. The watch is also water resistant to a pressure of up to 5 atmospheres.

Autonomy of 10 days

Autonomy is, of course, a new strength, because we are talking here about a Huawei device, and the Chinese know how to optimize their products very well in this regard. Huawei Watch Fit has a range of 10 days, according to the manufacturer. I received it almost a week ago, loading it only once, after taking it out of the box (being almost 50%) so I would say that this assessment is quite correct. At the time of writing, the clock is still hovering at 27%.

Finally, the last aspect I want to address here has more to do with aesthetics. Huawei Watch Fit is probably the watch with the most watch faces I’ve come across, but also with the most beautiful ones. You have so many different options in the application that you can easily waste about 15-20 minutes just to decide on one. They are colorful, sober, minimalist, full of details, no matter what watch you prefer, you will definitely find one in the application. Even the default one is very interesting, because you can change the colors it has with a simple touch on the screen.

Huawei Watch Fit: Probably the best smartwatch under 500 lei (TECH REVIEW)

Huawei Watch Fit is available in three color variants: black, green and pink, being, for 499 lei, one of the cheapest and best options currently available in the smartwatch market. It has a simple, pleasant design, which can be easily customized with the help of the multitude of clock faces in the application, works excellently in terms of exercise monitoring and has an excellent autonomy.