Now that we have to resume our sports routines, we must once again find the necessary motivation to make these sessions a habit that contribute to maintaining the healthy lifestyle that we would like to take. In terms of food, we are very aware that we must opt ​​for a healthy, balanced and processed-free diet (thanks movement realfood!), but, in a matter of exercise, we are a little more lost. We do not know whether to choose join the gym, a group of running or if you take advantage of any of the accessories that we have at home. If we have even thought of getting the popular Tidal Tank! This implement, which is inflatable and fills with water, is one of the most innovative in the world fitness and it’s the only thing you need to finish building your little one gim home.

Although, no matter how many accessories we have at our disposal, we must overcome laziness and be willing to make the most of them if we want to achieve our sporting goals. AND there is no motivation like the one that supervisors of directed activities or personal trainers manage to give you that are not within the reach of all pockets. However, the universe techie seems to have heard our prayers because he has turned one of the fetish accessories of every good athlete into a personal trainner.

The Huawei brand has just launched its latest novelty on the market, el Watch Fit, a smart watch available in three colors that, in addition to all the features expected from smartwatches,it also includes a personal trainer. How? Through video tutorials and guided exercises that can be followed from the device screen. Do you dare to discover it?

This model is available in three colors.

What does the Huawei Watch Fit offer me?

  • A (very) big screen. With 1.64 inches and HD resolution, the screen of this ‘smartwatch’ is ideal for those who value full color image quality and seek to enjoy an ultra-clear and wide viewing experience. In addition, to adapt to the tastes of the user, this model allows you to change the theme of the dial to match your style.
  • A personal trainer at all times. If there is any feature that stands out in this novelty from Huawei, it is the incorporation of a personal trainer so that we can get in shape where, when and how we want with a simple glance at the screen. Thus, this watch offers 12 types of quick (and lively!) Workouts including, but not limited to, full-body or abdominal stretches. In addition, to ensure that you do the exercises properly, it includes 44 standard movement demonstrations.
  • Almost 100 training modes. This watch provides accurate, real-time training metrics for 11 professional sports modes, including running, swimming, and cycling. To these are added the 85 personalized training sessions, which are committed to individual potential, whether they are capable of monitoring any physical activity we do while monitoring the heart rate in real time, the calories and the duration of the training.

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