Huawei publishes global calendar of updates to EMUI 11

After announcing that EMUI 11 would probably be the last custom Android skin by Huawei Before making the leap to its own operating system, HarmonyOS 2.0, the Chinese manufacturer revealed the list of smartphones that would receive this update. And now Huawei reveals the global EMUI 11 update schedule.

That means that Huawei – images thanks to the site Playful Droid– has gone to the trouble of pinpointing exactly which smartphones, in which regions and for what periods of time they will receive EMUI 11 as promised. We imagine that at this point this is the almost final list, if not the final list entirely.

Each region has its own list of smartphones

As we can see in any of the two image galleries that we have attached, the number of devices varies according to each region with Asia and Western Europe being the big favorites and with Japan and India being the two regions that lag behind. Presumably because Huawei’s presence in those markets is not significant.

Thus, we can see how Huawei has made a notable effort to distribute the relevant software in relatively identical periods for each smartphone regardless of the region. Updates will begin in December of this year, in the earliest cases, and will run until the end of the first quarter of next year.

As we’ve been waiting for so long, Huawei reveals the EMUI 11 update schedule headed by its main flagshipsThe last two generations of its Mate and P series smartphones, as well as a generous array of MatePad and MediaPad series tablets.

Some of the most popular midrangers of their successful Nova series they were raffled for the EMUI update but the truth is that there are few and we are waiting for this list to expand. Naturally, after the sale of Honor, the latter were totally outside the jurisdiction of Huawei.

In any case, it is important to note that whenever HarmonyOS 2.0 lands in the world it is a more inclusive list since it would be especially vital software for Huawei phone users.

Source: Playful Droid


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