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Huawei has just announced the company’s strategic plans in our country, with the opening of new stores in different parts of the Peninsula and new partners that are part of the Huawei ecosystem AppGallery with your products.

According Pablo Wang |, country manager consumer of Huawei Spain, the firm maintains a significant rate of expansion in our market based on own stores to offer a physical space where you can find the portfolio of products offered by the brand. In this sense, the company plans to open three new stores in Spain: Barcelona in the Gran Vía 2 shopping center, in Bilbao at Fnac and at street level in La Coruña.

These physical stores will have their After-sales service on site, to give complete solutions. The structure will increase to 8 centers, thanks to the openings in Bilbao, A Coruña and Barcelona GV2, which join the initial 5 distributed between Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which were already available at the beginning of the year.

‘In our own stores we have opted for a different way of presenting our products, more aimed at understanding how people use technology in their daily lives and, thus, providing a real solution to the needs of consumers thanks to each of the products that we offer with our ecosystem ‘, has declared Marianna Cherubini, Director of Retail Huawei CBG Spain.

Structure of the establishments

The official Huawei stores, under the idea of New Retail, based on user experience, and the 1 + 8 + N strategy, are divided into 5 main spaces, Entertainment which includes photography experiences, one of the highlights of Huawei phones, and the entire range of products to enjoy Audio and Gaming experiences. They will also be divided into other spaces focused on Health&Fitness, Easy Travel, Smart Office, which is being key at this very delicate moment derived from Covid-19 and, finally, Smart Home, which is being enriched with the new products of its own and of the partners with which Huawei is collaborating.

Complete ecosystem

Huawei’s 1 + 8 + N Ecosystem continues to grow and explore territories where the brand’s devices are gaining momentum. With the smartphone As a core, Huawei maintains its idea of ​​expanding the product portfolio, with the introduction in the market of devices such as: FreeBuds Studio, headphones with dynamic and intelligent noise cancellation, Sound X, premium range wireless speakers, smartwatches design with advanced features such as GT 2 Pro and sophisticated smart glasses such as X Gentle Monster EyeWear II.

“The needs of the market have made technology brands reinvent themselves and explore new territories. The user is no longer looking only for a smartphone with which to make calls or through which to send work emails & rdquor ;, comments Ramiro Larragán, Marketing Director of Huawei Spain. “The sale of laptops, tablets and wearables of all kinds is on the rise, and the customer demands more and more devices that provide differential value in their daily life.”

Collaboration with Cecotec

Huawei has announced its collaboration with Cecotec, a company specialized in smart solutions and manufacturers of applications for the home, adding itself as partner in your strategy. José Orts, Cecotec’s head of business development, has reported the incorporation of the most representative applications of the Cecotec portfolio to the Huawei AppGallery application store.

Both companies begin a collaboration stage, specifically, it begins with five key devices for the Valencian manufacturer: the Conga 4490 and Conga 1790 Titanium robot vacuum cleaner, the Rockstar 900 Ultimate upright vacuum cleaner, the Mambo Cecotec 10070 kitchen robot and the Pure humidifier Scent 150 Yang.



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