Huawei launches its dynamic noise canceling headphones and intel

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Huawei recently introduced smart headphones True Wireless Stereo (TWS), modelo FreeBuds Pro, which incorporate an innovative dynamic noise cancellation technology. They stand out for an original design, as well as a remarkable sound quality and comfort during use.

With this model Huawei puts the focus on design and comfort. Taking as inspiration the principles of minimalism, FreeBuds Pro eliminate unnecessary features and ensure the functionality of each element that make them up. They come with three different sizes of silicone plugs, combined with a fit detection feature – available in the app. Huawei AI Life– which allows finding the right adaptation for each person. To achieve this, Huawei Audio Lab has collected and analyzed ear canal data from more than 1,000 real users of all the world.


Its square shape minimizes external noise and favors a windproof design that eliminates sound pickup holes. This means that the user is not affected by outside noise when walking, running or cycling. Another advantage is that, with little effort, you can activate active noise cancellation, adjust the volume, answer calls, press play or skip songs. The gestures are intuitive since it is enough to touch a specific area to access the control of the equipment. Important: It analyzes and can accurately detect owner habits, to minimize false touches.

Intelligent dynamic noise cancellation

These headphones are, according to Huawei itself, its newest and most advanced audio product. The brand’s engineers have added a custom dynamic suspension between the loudspeaker and the dynamic driver that, emulating a technique used by the main Hi-Fi manufacturers, stabilizes the acoustic system of the entire earpiece, reducing vibrations to deliver sound sharp. This is completed with the Dynamic EQ Adjustment, a new feature that uses data from the ear microphone to automatically optimize sound for the user’s specific ear type.


These are the first TWS headphones with intelligent dynamic noise cancellation, bringing improvements compared to their predecessors. Noise cancellation is increased by up to 40dB1 while the in-ear fit eliminates distractions naturally. To achieve greater capacity, the dual microphones placed inside and outside the headphones quickly identify the environment and automatically switch between the three noise cancellation modes (Ultra Mode, Cozy Mode y General Mode) to eliminate interference. They are prepared to automatically detect the environment and improve the noise cancellation experience.

With active noise cancellation turned on, the battery lasts up to 4.5 hours; without it, it lasts a full 7 hours without the need to charge it with the included case. To achieve this capability, simply touch the headphone shell and control the noise cancellation.

Added values

Other smart features include Awareness Mode y el Voice Mode that use the two microphones to help users hear their surroundings when crossing the road or having a conversation. The double connection with Android, iOS and Windows smart systems allows seamless switching between devices, without being tied to a single brand.

FreeBuds Pro is the first smart dual antenna Bluetooth headset, as each helmet is equipped with two antennas that offer 360 ° omnidirectional signal coverage, for a more stable connection.



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