IdeaHub is a smart collaboration tool, a smart office ecosystem that responds to all scenarios and aims to increase the efficiency of enterprises, especially remote collaboration in this period of social distancing. Starting Monday, October 12, customers in 27 countries can order their IdeaHub. The product line includes IdeaHub S and IdeaHub Pro models.

Huawei IdeaHub is the latest smart display that boosts productivity in the modern work environment, designed to improve the way teams work together. This tool integrates various features, including multi-screen collaboration between mobile phones and PCs, interactive whiteboard, smart handwriting, remote collaboration and video conferencing.

The new product offers three unique features to users who want a smart, ultra-modern and practical workspace: an open ecosystem for cloud video conferencing, innovative and simple design that replaces traditional equipment and integrated artificial intelligence (AI).

First, Huawei Ideahub supports connectivity to a third-party cloud video conferencing platform or service, which greatly simplifies the cloud video conferencing process. With 1080p HD quality and 4K resolution, the new product offers a superior experience.

Second, IdeaHub combines the minimalist design of its slim stand with a single external power cord, which prevents any wiring problems. Ideahub has won the Red Dot Award 2020 for its sleek, contemporary and user-centric design. It is designed to suit any environment, effortlessly transforming meeting rooms, open office spaces, executive rooms and home offices into smart spaces. An all-in-one productivity tool can easily replace a whiteboard, a projector and professional video conferencing equipment.

Third, IdeaHub comes with AI features, such as the virtual Acoustic Baffle, which blocks unnecessary noise. At the same time, AutoFrame automatically adjusts the camera angle according to the conference room and the number of participants. Using 12 microphones and a 4K camera, IdeaHub can automatically locate the speaker’s voice within a radius of 8 meters. The higher transfer frequency ensures a clear and crystallized Hi-Fi sound.