Huawei is one of the leading brands in innovation and development, in recent years we have seen many advances from the firm in various aspects that seek to improve the user experience with the firm’s products, and despite the current situation against it. Government of the United States, Huawei does not stand still and has shown one of its most interesting advances for smartphones.

We are talking about a new charging system that does not require cables or wireless charging bases, because with this new technology Huawei wants your phone to charge in the same way it connects to a Wifi network, that is, remotely, from anywhere with “coverage”.

The evolution of wireless charging

Wireless charging is one of the most comfortable technologies today, because with it we can charge our phone without cables, it is enough only to place it on a charging base, the problem is that we are limited to the fact that the charge must be forced on that base , and removing it for use pauses wireless charging. The technology shown by Huawei’s R + D + i department solves this problem thanks to a laser charging system that what it does is take the charge to your phone from wherever you have it, as long as you are within the area of cargo coverage.

In a video that the company has shared we can see that this device can be placed on the ceiling of a room, and when activated it will begin to charge our device regardless of whether it is on the table or in our hand. The concept goes beyond an idea, and according to what it mentions Android Authority, Huawei is working hard on this product that we would see in the coming years in the market and for the company’s phones.

To give us a much clearer idea of ​​how it works we can take as a reference the solar chargers, which when receiving solar energy begin to charge, well, let’s imagine that the sunlight is the laser that will be transmitted from the Huawei charger, so which is very likely, if it should be at a considerable height, that is, the ceiling of our room.

Another important detail is that a single charger would be used to charge more than one device simultaneously, so if you have more than one device compatible with this technology, they could all be charged at the same time, which would really be a revolution in what Regarding wireless charging technology in smartphones.

Huawei’s video does not reveal many details about its operation, nor is it mentioned if this technology will be exclusive to the company’s equipment, or if they plan to sell it so that other manufacturers can also take advantage of it, but remember that Huawei likes to develop its own. technologies to be a competitive advantage over rivals.

Perhaps we still need to know details such as the charging speed, if the phone can be charged with a case on, and if placing it on our pants will not affect the charging system. However, let’s remember that there are a few years to see this project finished, so as technology advances, products also improve, so once it hits the market it could be much better than what they have shown us in the video.