HTW Space Purifier removes up to 99.95% of contaminants

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In this situation of pandemic and when so many things are unknown about the invisible enemy that attacks us and is disrupting our way of life, all helps they are good for improve sanitation of the environments in which we move. In this context, the Spanish company Gia Group, based in Barcelona, ​​markets a range of air purifiers which, although they have the appearance of novelties, are actually the result of a long experience in treating air quality.

In the opinion of Francisco Sanz, CEO of GIA Group ‘not only the street air is full of pollutants, the interior as well. Especially in the current context in which a large part of people are spending up to 90% of their time at home. ‘

The idea behind the product

The HTW range of air purifiers with UV, which includes the most recent novelty of the firm, the Space model (see video), they analyze the environment and identify the air quality to show the results by means of a light indicator. Based on the color, the user can quickly check whether the air quality is excellent, good, normal or poor.

The purifier includes different systems and technologies capable of, once detected if the environment is rarefied, efficiently improve its conditions.

A matter of interest at the present time is that the apparatus includes ultraviolet light that according Sanz: ‘destroys the DNA of viruses killing them and leaving them inactive. Pollutant particles, allergens and bad odors are also eliminated, making the air we breathe at home or in any indoor environment, a healthier air ‘.

This is how the Space purifier works

Space has the particularity of clean and disinfect indoor airFor this it includes a pre-filter that retains the largest particles such as animal hair, cuticles and dust; a filter Hepa13 that absorbs particles down to 0.3 μm such as pollen or allergens; an active carbon filter that eliminates bad smells and tobacco smoke; and finally, UV light, which, according to the tests carried out by the firm in its laboratory, eliminates viruses and bacteria.

An added value of this series is that has wifi connectivity for remote control via a dedicated mobile app, which allows –among other advantages– to connect it before arriving home to find a healthy environment upon arrival.

This particular model can cover surfaces of up to 61 m2, for smaller spaces there are solutions: the series Clean covers up to 27 m2, while the series Cube y Dust Cube cover up to 15 m2. Space has a noise level of 21 dB and it should be noted that the Clean Series includes negative ion generator, and has a noise level of 30 dB.

Personal needs and available range

HTW’s range of purifiers consists of 4 series: Space, Cube, Dust Cube and Clean. Except for the Clean purifier, all have ultraviolet light, the technology that, according to the data available today, could act in a positive way in the elimination of viruses and bacteria.

Francisco Sanz has pointed out that ‘as benchmarks in the sector, we have to adapt to new circumstances and offer solutions that ensure comfort, well-being and user satisfaction. From the company we are launching novelties and solutions for air purification and thus guarantee a healthier environment for people. ‘


The tests carried out on the product in use allow to conclude that the oxygenation of the body, healthy breathing and improvements in rest are some of the benefits that this type of device provides. They create a more pleasant environment by eliminating odors and also improve comfort, especially for people suffering from respiratory and allergic problems.

For further optimization of performance, the purifier warns when a filter change touches.


Serie Space
Ultraviolet light against viruses and bacteria
Analyze and indicate air quality
Wi-Fi incluido
21dB of noise
Optimized for surfaces up to 61 square meters

Cube series
Ultraviolet light against viruses and bacteria
Analyze and indicate air quality
21dB of noise
Surfaces up to 15 square meters

Serie Dust Cube
Ultraviolet light against viruses and bacteria
21dB of noise
Surfaces up to 15 square meters

Serie Clean
Negative ion generator
30dB of noise
Surfaces up to 27 square meters
Increased comfort

The product in use. Detected values

It improves air quality due to the coordinated action of several filters and thanks to ultraviolet light, polluting particles, pollen, allergens and smoke are eliminated. Efficiency of up to 99.95%.

It has an intelligent system that analyzes the environment, detecting air quality through the light indicators: Blue for excellent air, green for good air, purple for normal air, and red for highly polluted air.

It works safely by including up to four levels of filtration that are coordinated in improving the indoor environment.

It oxygenates the body, improves breathing and facilitates night rest, reducing the symptoms of allergies and asthmatic conditions.

When running in turbo mode, the negative ion generator starts automatically to remove odors, dust, smoke and pollen particles, in less time.

The product incorporates different security elements, to minimize risks in its operation.


HTW complies, according to its managers, with the requirements of international and European legislation and specifically the new ErP (Energy Related Products) of the European Commission that establishes the minimum requirements for energy efficiency, NOx emissions and noise levels. , and aims to reduce CO2 emissions.

The product under analysis, the Space model, as stated in the technical documentation provided, meets the requirements of reducing the consumption of natural resources and respecting the environment.

The company behind the machine

HTW is the acronym for High Technology World (Highly Technological World) that reflects the company’s goal of creating products that provide solutions to consumer problems.

Founded in 2010, Gia Group, which includes HTW, is a Spanish company with a worldwide presence, a specialist in air conditioning and DHW for any type of space with efficient products and solutions. It is headquartered in Montmeló (Barcelona) and it operates in more than 35 countries, with its own delegation in France, Portugal and Italy. The group is made up of more than 100 professionals and invoiced 44 million euros in 2019.



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