Residents of five countries – Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, France and Spain – were consulted in this survey conducted by BVA for RTL.

In Germany, Joe Biden would get the highest scores – with 66% of the vote in his favor – and Donald Trump would get only 8%. The remaining 27% of Germans would be absent from voting or undecided.

The incumbent Republican president would get a better score in Italy, but he would still be beaten – 15% to 42% by his Democratic rival.

The withdrawal of the United States from the Paris International Agreement to Combat Climate Change is one of the most unpopular measures by the US head of state in these five European countries, as is building a wall on the border with Mexico against immigrants.

The US presidential election on November 3 is attracting strong interest in Eurpa.

Thus, 85% of Germans say they are interested in this election, but also 73% of French and over two thirds of Italians (68%).

The poll also addresses Donald Trump’s unpopularity in France, where more than four out of five have an unfavorable opinion of the White House tenant.

Trump enjoys the best views on the far right, but has only 25% sympathizers in Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (formerly far-right FN).

And among supporters of La République en Marche (LREM), Macron’s party, 97% have an unfavorable opinion of Trump.

The survey was conducted on the Internet in October in ten countries, and was attended by 11,737 respondents.