How will the new intelligent Monumental

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The stadium will be equipped with the latest high-density WiFi 6 technology to ensure good connectivity on the pitch. In addition, with the River ID card, members will no longer have to go to pick up tickets.

The remodeling of River’s playing field is progressing steadily. With the machines and trucks that remove the earth for several hours a day. But the renovations aren’t just about the new European-style lawn with a state-of-the-art hybrid system. There are also other works in parallel that aim to transform the Monumental into an intelligent stadium.

“We are going to have high-quality WiFi thanks to the placement of wireless connection points on the pitch, in the confectionery, in the parking lot … It will be a smart stadium. When we return to football with the public, we will be able to enjoy the best connection and a great playing field, “said River president Rodolfo D’Onofrio, detailing a work that is” within budget “and that tries to improve the amenities it is offered to members, fans and the media.

D’Onofrio’s words referred to River preparing to have a state-of-the-art stadium in terms of technology and thus definitely leave behind the connection problems that the Monumental used to have and that were gradually improving.

To achieve this, River will make a very important investment (it is among the 177 million pesos allocated to the work of the playing field) to have 100 percent connectivity via WiFi. To do this, the stadium will be equipped with the latest technology High density WIFI / WiFi6, which will allow all fans to globally improve the experience with their devices by being all connected at the same time to the same WiFi network. To do this, devices will be strategically located in the low, middle and high stands, boxes, hospitality, confectionery, central hall and microstadium, paddock and museum, among other spaces.

One of the River leaders who is working the most on this issue is the second vice president, Stefano Di Carlo. “Having a WiFi 6 platform is key to enabling future innovative services and new business models. It will be possible to interact with the fan through trivia or raffles during the game, to know the location of the spectator, parking status, locations. And it will allow a new experience to give connectivity to the stadium’s central security, irrigation and lighting services. Bandwidth can also be guaranteed depending on where the viewer is located or to guarantee services such as press and photojournalists ”, Di Carlo explained in dialogue with Clarion.

What is WiFi 6 and why does it improve connectivity? Told it Lisandro Agüero, River Systems Manager. “The sixth generation of WiFi is called WiFi 6. It incorporates new technologies, increases bandwidth and allows a greater number of simultaneous users four times more. Not only does it increase performance, but also technological advances in Wi-Fi 6 they allow a superior user experience for the performance of video applications, augmented reality and virtual reality ”, Agüero explained to this newspaper.

There is another very important detail that the WiFi6 will bring in River. From the registration process that the partners have been doing in RiverID, the user can enjoy everything in one place and with a single card. Among other things, the new credential will be activated when the user purchases a season ticket or a ticket for an international match. That way, the member will not have to go to the club or queue to pick up a new plastic. The new unique card allows you to buy a ticket up to ten minutes before a match and when it is acquired, it is automatically synchronized (with an internal chip) with the access turnstiles to enable entry. In that sense, River has also replaced almost all the turnstiles.

This new card has several functions in itself: as a membership card, of the Somos River community, as a subscription, entry and entry to play sports at the club on weekdays and all the services that the member has at their disposal. In fact, with the reopening of some sports, slot booking is already working within RiverID.

Members are already enjoying this benefit today. They can register online from their electronic devices through RiverID: there they have the option of choosing the sport they want to practice, making the payments for a reservation and completing the Health Affidavit form necessary to carry out the discipline. In addition, they have the possibility of integrating the reminders with the Google / Outlook calendar and checking how much validity the Affidavit has left to renew it.

In this way, the member’s experience will become totally online and they will only go to the stadium on match day or when they have to do a certain activity. Currently, a fan can become a member online and have the card in 10 days at their home through the mail or by picking it up at the nearest point. Then, when the public can return to the stadium, members will be able to buy – depending on availability – tickets on the RiverID portal and immediately enter the Monumental without having had any type of face-to-face interaction.

Once inside the stadium, members will be able to log in with their RiverID account to WIFI on the phone or any other technological device, which is where they and the members of Somos River have all the integrated services. This way they will be able to enjoy multiple benefits and interact in real time based on what happens on the playing field. They can take photos, record videos, take selfies, write tweets and upload everything instantly.

In short, this connection technology will improve connectivity and benefit the experiences for both spectators and those working at the Monumental during matches. And so the Monumental will become a smart stadium



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