How was Tuesday’s rating: MasterChef on top and Guido on the podium

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The kitchen and celebrity reality show leads and “Team Flower” takes hold. Good performance of “Welcome aboard”.

After winning the three stripes, Telefe stayed with the rating of Tuesday, November 10, by a difference of 3 points over El Trece, its main competitor.

The most watched of the day was MasterChef Celebrity. The gastronomy reality of the pelotitas channel scored 19.3 points.

From the same station, the Turkish novel Woman strength took second place: 12.3.

The podium closed it Welcome aboard. The entertainment cycle led by Guido Kaczka measured 11.9.

In Elnueve, in turn, the program with the highest audience was Blessed (4.4); In America, Intractable (2.7); on Public Television, Argentine cooks (1); y and Net TV, The patron of evil (0,9).

Headed by Florence Peña, Team flower, from Telefe, won the morning segment again. This time he scored 6.8 points (on Monday he had scored 8.4), while Lthe angels of the morning, from El Trece, reached 4.9.

In MasterChef CelebrityThe one who gave the note was the Turkish Garcia.

The former Racing and National Team forward started without knowing anything about cooking. He accepted the commitment to participate in pure risky. In his debut he prepared a gizzard with caviar!

However, with the passing of the nights and the duels, the Turk learned to cook. Or almost. Today he expertly chops parsley, seasones confidently and swirls pans like the best of chefs. And the dishes turn out well.

But of course, as she gained confidence, she began to believe it a bit. And the participant, who in the first galas asked timidly, is now capable of making fun of the jury. It is clear that what the Turco does is playful, and never disrespectful.

Tuesday was Milanese, and Garcia appeared with a stuffed with mushrooms and dried tomatoes and, on the side, a spiced mayonnaise, a potato and a hard-boiled egg, split in the middle. And he warned from the start: “Before they say something: the egg is spectacular. The color is just right.”

While Dolli Irigoyen and Donato de Santis agreed with the flavors, Damián Betular did not buy the contestant’s confident speech: “The filling is correct, but what doesn’t convince me is the garnish, it lacks salt.”

With his teammates, the Turk is not getting along either. This is how Belu Lucius summed it up: “The Turk asks me for everything, but I adore him, so I can’t say no. Now, do you also want me to do the Milanese? This is getting competitive. At some point I have to start to fall bad. Or not? “.

Christian Sancho, who replaces Vicky Xipolitakis, infected with coronavirus, was excited when preparing his Milanese.

Sancho moved mentally to the decade of the ’90, when he left his native Rosario to come to try his luck in the Federal Capital. “I am going to prepare the first meal I tried when I arrived in Buenos Aires: the Milanese sandwich bought in Retiro. At that time I didn’t have a handle, ”said the model.

His idea was to put a touch of “magic” on it, adding the avocado that he met years later in Mexico and other accessories. “I think I have to pay tribute to the origins, to uprooting and to all that that brought me when I was very hungry,” he added.


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