How was the rating on Monday

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There were no major surprises among the most watched cycles.

After winning the three stripes, Telefe it stayed with the rating of Monday, October 26, by a difference of 1.7 points over The thirteen, its main competitor.

In its fourth week, the most watched of the day was, again, MasterChef Celebrity. The gastronomy reality of the Las Pelotitas channel measured 18.1 points. Arguably maintaining the trend. With peaks of more than 20 points, Sunday had had the best audience figures since the cycle started.

In second place was Welcome aboard. The entertainment program of the Constitution station and which conducts Guido the Duck it reached 11.3.

The podium closed it Broken wings, the Turkish novel by Telefe, which reached 10.3.

In Elnueve, at the same time, the program with the highest number of viewers was Blessed (4); In America, Intruders (2.8); on Public Television, the repetition of In therapy (0.8); y and Net TV, The patron of evil (1).

To win the general ranking, this time, in MasterChef Celebrity, the participants received a visit from a family member to cook with four hands.

Claudia Villafañe, one of the most outstanding cooks, She was accompanied by Dalma, the eldest of the daughters she had with Diego Maradona.

It was an evening in which chance determined that each of the celebrities had to prepare classic dishes, both sweet and savory, from any typical Argentine restaurant, and mother and daughter had a Balcarce Dessert.

During the preparation, Claudia and Dalma showed good chemistry and a methodical and orderly task.

“How are you having at MasterChef, Dalma?” Del Moro wanted to know as the actress took a cake out of the oven.

“Barbarian,” answered Dalma wryly.

“Come on, Claudia is very good in the competition, there is a lot of pressure on you,” added the driver.

Mother and daughter were the first to face the returns, Claudia, with the procession inside, and Dalma somewhat more histrionic. “What level of trust do they have?” Asked Donato De Santis, one of the jurors. “Ten”, answered Dalma without hesitation, before her mother’s laugh and in the only reference to her father.

When it was Germán Martitegui’s turn to speak, Claudia alerted Dalma to the recognized severity of the jury: “Don’t be afraid. Germán looks serious, fixed, but he’s good, ”he tried to reassure her. “I have some nerves!”, Dalma replied. “Try, please, and tell me if this is okay,” the jury questioned her and found an unexpected response.

“Oh no, please. Not like dulce de leche ”, the actress surprised with her revelation. “He does not eat dulce de leche,” Claudia confirmed, in the face of her daughter’s despair and the incredulity of the rest. “The fate of your mother is in your hands,” the jury urged her.

Dalma, in the end, had a good mouthful. “Spectacular,” he said between laughter, and quickly changed his mind: “I like dulce de leche.”


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