How was the fearsome Alexander Lukashenko dying squad working in Belarus?

The final dictatorship in Europe deliberate the homicide of dissidents and refugee journalists in different international locations. They reveal reviews that reveal their secrets and techniques.

The Belarusian regime, the final dictatorship in Europe if the authoritarian drifts of Hungary and Poland are put apart, in 2012 organized a dying squad that aimed to assassinate political dissidents who had been refugees overseas.

An investigation of the atmosphere EuObserver ensures, with paperwork from the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko, what a journalist residing as a refugee in Ukraine was murdered in 2016.

The operation was organized to finish the lifetime of this journalist (Pavel Cheremet) and of three former political leaders who had taken refuge in Germany after leaving the regime.

Lukashenko, who has dominated Belarus with an iron fist for 26 years, would have allotted 1.2 million euros to the dying squad. The European Union maintains sanctions in opposition to Belarus.

Cheremet, who was residing in Moscow in 2012, the place he had taken refuge after fleeing Minsk, was killed in July 2016 in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, by the explosion of a sticky bomb positioned underneath your car.

His assassination, shortly after Russia intervened in Ukraine to grab arms with the Ukrainian province of Crimea and supported pro-Russian separatists in Donbass, the southeastern area of Ukraine with arms and males, was then attributed to the Russian secret companies o Ukrainians.

Even the Ukrainian Justice had investigated for years, with out a lot success, within the atmosphere of the key companies of his nation with out suspecting that the murderers of Cheremet had come from neighboring Belarus on orders of his authorities.

Analysis EuObserver, a web-based medium specialised in info on European establishments, relies on paperwork and an audio recording of simply over 20 minutes.

In that audio file, Vadim Zaitsev, head of the Belarusian secret companies between 2008 and 2012 (they’re nonetheless known as KGB) discusses the group of the murders with the members of the ‘Alpha Group’, a particular unit that needed to commit them.

The dialog discusses how the Belarusian brokers supposed to infiltrate Germany and the way they might assassinate their targets in such a method that the Belarusian regime couldn’t be accused.

The murders of individuals residing in hiding in Germany weren’t carried out partly as a result of the German secret companies, alerted to the plans, alerted the targets and gave them particular safety from their very own secret companies.

These folks, nonetheless alive, are Oleg Alkaev (former head of a Belarusian jail), Vladimir Borodach (former colonel of the Armed Forces) and Viacheslav Doudkine (former head of the anti-corruption service).

There are three excessive officers who over time have moved away from the regime and who, fearing for his or her lives they ended up fleeing and searching for refuge in Germany, ordinary vacation spot of Russian and Belarusian dissidents.

The supply of the recording that served EuObserver To drag the thread is Igor Makar, a former senior Belarusian KGB official who labored for its counter-terrorism unit and now he lives hidden from the regime in a European nation.

Makar advised EuObserver that now, greater than eight years after studying in regards to the group of the group of murderers, considers that the operation needs to be made public “in solidarity with the pro-democracy demonstrations in Belarus.”

Lukashenko’s dying squads predate 2012. In December 2019, a former member of an elite unit of the Belarusian secret companies confessed to the German community German wave having belonged to a type of teams, which had assassinated three political opponents in 1999, together with the previous Inside Minister Yuri Zakharenko.



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