How was the 2020 of Jorge Lanata’s PPT, between the rating and the success of Soldaditos

After the announcement of the end of the season (which will be next Sunday 29), a review of what this pandemic edition of the El Trece cycle was like, with a section based on dolls.

On Sunday, November 29, Jorge Lanata will culminate the ninth season of Journalism for all. This Sunday 22, at the opening of the program, the host announced that this year there is a broadcast of the cycle released on April 15, 2012. Thus, will say goodbye to the screen of El Trece to resume in 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic, quarantine and the new “normality” led the program to try another dynamic in this edition (hence the game with the concept of “box” and the word “box” added to the title). Here, a review of these almost six months of air.

The return of PPT to the screen –ninth season– It occurred on May 31, later than planned, due to Lanata’s health problems. In that shipment, Suspicious purchases were reported at the Malbrán Institute, amid the rising curve of Covid-19 cases.

That Sunday had as its main competitor Bake Off (with Paula Chaves, by Telefe). Lanata’s cycle was imposed that night with 12.5 points (12.5 peaks) before 10.7 of the pastry reality show. Then it would not be easy to fight with that powerful opponent in the time slot.

The health of the driver of Lanata without filter (Radio Miter) played bad stretches three months later, which forced the temporary replacement of the cycle. At the end of August Lanata underwent a minor surgical intervention and later presented fever lines, for which the Covid-19 protocol was activated at the Favaloro Institute.

Finally, his swab was negative. While he was recovering, the authorities of El Trece decided that he should go instead MDQ and, at 23, a film.

This year the word “box” was added to the title of the cycle. “No skits, What occurred to me is that we are inside a box that we cannot get out of, because we all feel a little that all these months. What we did, then, was to reproduce the idea of ​​the box in everything “, explained the driver to Clarion.

“When the zenith plane is there, in the opening and in the closing I am inside a box built by four huge LED screens. And the screen is square: in one I do my editorial and then there is a rectangle to my right where it is Hangman game with the jerk of the week, which will increase the number of letters as the program progresses “, detailed the dynamics.

“Is a PPT very different. We did as a strategy of impossibility, as it happened to us at the time Page 12We didn’t have any money for the paper and so we made a short diary. Well, the short newspaper led us to choose the news better. Now, in that sense, the same thing happens: I can’t do the program with an audience and I reinvent myself, “he added.

Needle up, needle lower. The numbers were good, but there were strong opponents this year that made the mediations swing. One of them was Bake off.

The finale of that reality show (on July 6), for example, hit PPT. Paula Chaves’ program obtained 16.4 points that day, with peaks of almost 18, compared to 11.4 points in the journalistic cycle of El Trece. The sweet treats contest over, PPT took the lead.

“K trolls support a cake show”, Lanata joked about the tough competition. According to the host, a huge group of opponents was organizing to support the Telefe cycle “and thus make it a trend on social networks Sunday after Sunday“.

“Throughout history they made us 678They did everything to us, they gave me a Boca game and a River game every weekend to see if they would beat me, “Lanata recalled.

On October 5, for example, before the landing of the gastronomic program conducted by Santiago del Moro, the most seen of the day was Journalism for all (box), with 13.8 (and peaks of 14.3). He won the duel against Around the world (at home), Marley (8 points). But everything changed again before the landing of gastronomy in the canal de las pelotitas.

In early October, the debut of Masterchef Celebrity brought the hot duel back to the screen. Watch cook Iliana Calabró, Federico Bal, Victoria Xipolitakis and Claudia Villafañe, among many others, generated hypnosis in the audience.

A proof of the forcefulness of Masterchef Celebrity: this Sunday the 22nd he scored 19.2 points (it was the most watched of the day) and he again won the heads up against PPT (Box), which reached 9.5 points.



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