How Walking Can Help Prevent Diabetes

It is to prevent weight gain as a result of sedentary lifestyle favors the disease.

In Argentina, almost 13% of adults have diabetes. This prevalence has been growing rapidly in recent years, closely linked to the increase in excess weight and sedentary lifestyle, present in more than 60% of the population, two factors that are accentuated as a consequence of isolation measures for the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, specialists call “lose your fear and go for a walk” outdoors to prevent being overweight “leading to diabetes.”

During the first months of ASPO, the Argentine Nutrition Society (SAN) estimated that 57% had gained weight: 80% between 1 and 3 kilos; while 3.5%, more than 5.

“We are very concerned about the increase in overweight and obesity that occurred during the quarantine, we are promoting physical activity in open places with 150 minutes per week of walks or stationary bicycle, “the endocrinologist doctor specializing in diabetes Carla Musso told the Telam news agency.

The professional emphasized that the campaign takes place within the framework of the More than glucose campaign, promoted jointly by the Argentine Society of Diabetes (SAD), the Argentine Society of Cardiology, the Argentine Society of Medicine, the Argentine Society of Nephrology and the Argentine Federation of Cardiology and that has the support of various institutions. The proposal, according to Musso, is to offer a comprehensive look at diabetes, linking it with a healthy diet, blood pressure care and walks in the fresh air.

He explained that although there are localities in which there are many restrictions due to the pandemic, “there are allowed hours in which people can go out for air and walk. It is proven that the risk of contagion is lower if one goes for a walk with a mask and is not in contact with anyone. “

The member of the Argentine Diabetes Society and coordinator of the Favaloro Foundation area, stressed that one of the harmful effects of isolation “is that when confined, people become very depressed and deprive themselves of being exposed to the sun and providing vitamin D to organism. All this also makes blood glucose levels rise“.

Regarding the relationship between obesity and diabetes, Musso stressed that they are called “twin epidemics“.

“When the pancreas cannot secrete more insulin due to excess weight, diabetes appears there, so the relationship between both diseases is very close. And this is the great fear between these two epidemics, not reach excess weight and thus be able to avoid diabetes“, he indicated.

He specified that it is considered overweight “when the body mass index reaches 29, beyond this number it is obesity. Everything that has to do with overweight is related to diabetes, the idea is to have a suitable weight for height”.

BMI is an indicator of the relationship between weight and height (height) that is frequently used to identify overweight and obesity in adults. It is calculated by dividing a person’s weight in kilos by the square of their height in meters (kg / m2). For example, a person who weighs 60 kg and is 1.60 m tall has a BMI of 23.4 (60 / 1.60 = 60 / 2.56 = 23.4). If the result of this calculation is above 30, it is considered obesity (you can calculate your BMI here).

According to a survey presented at the last European and International Congress on Obesity, many people consider themselves to be overweight, when in fact they are obese.

Musso stressed that “it is rare that a person who has a normal weight, appropriate to his size, has diabetes, although there is always genetic predisposition for which a person can contract it “and also emphasized that the picture is complicated when the person” has hypertension and high triglycerides “.

Regarding emotional health, the specialist remarked that “depression makes one care less and there is more possibility of having diabetes. Depression is one of the risk factors for this disease and in this pandemic situation there are many patients who they let it be. “

“When we have to attend to patients after the pandemic we have to be very careful with this issue and watch their diet well,” said the doctor and explained: they are afraid to go for a walk so as not to get infected “.

Musso stressed that it is necessary to give people positive messages so try to “eat in open places now that there are beautiful days, with a healthy diet, low fat, less salt, lots of herbs and going for a walk to lift your spirits.”

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