The Covid-19 pandemic radically changed the way we live, and one of the functions we saw coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO was to watch a series or movie with friends without putting our health at risk. ?, each one enjoying the same content from the comfort of their home.

In the case of Disney +, this function came natively with the premiere of the service in Mexico, so if you are a subscriber or are testing the platform, you will be able to enjoy this function without any problem.

How to watch content at the same time with your friends and / or family?

As we already said, the most important requirement is that all users who are going to enter the digital room have a subscription to Disney + or are within the 7-day trial phase, otherwise they will not be able to use the function.

If you share a subscription with friends or family, do not worry, because it is not necessary for each one to pay for the service, as long as they have access to their profile on an Android, iOS device, web version or Smart TV, but sessions can only be created from a mobile device or the web version.

To start the room in GroupWatch you just have to select the movie or series you want to see and then click on the icon that has some silhouettes of people. Then click on the + sign and share the link with 6 other users, in this way everyone can enter the same room.

Once the room has started, all participants can pause, advance or delay content and “communicate” with the other members through the reactions to express how they feel, although if you want a more real conversation it is good to have a group of WhatsApp where someone says they had to pause the movie to go to the bathroom.