How to use the iPhone as a flashlight, with a touch on the back of the case in iOS 14

Among the features included in iOS 14, Apple has allowed you to associate various actions with a double or triple touch on the back of the iPhone.

If you are an experienced iPhone user, the flashlight function may be quite useful for you. It’s so good in everyday life that even Apple has included it in the phone’s lock screen on the left side of the camera. For the situation in which your screen does not work very well, you have gloves or you simply want to be faster, you can call it by double tapping on the back of the terminal.

To do this, you need to use a tool called Shortcuts. At the same time, it is vital to use an iOS 14 iDevice. Otherwise, you do not have access to this feature. Also, it doesn’t work if you don’t have an iPhone from the last three years, iPhone 8 or newer. The accelerometer on the phone is used as a reference to detect a touch on the back of the case.

Going over the background details, in order to create a shortcut meant to turn your flashlight on and off, you need to start Shortcuts or Shortcuts. Drag down the phone screen to search and type Shortcuts. Access the first result and press + in the upper right corner of the new window to create a new shortcut. Associate a shortcut name with a double tap in the New Shortcut area. I opted for the flashlight.

Click Add Action or Add Action. Look for the flashlight in the new window and choose the first result. Click on the word Start next to the flashlight and choose Switch, so you can also turn off the flashlight, not just start it by touching the back. Click Next or Done at the top right. The shortcut should appear in a list in the Shortcuts application.

To use it as you intended, go to Settings in the Accessibility section and tap Tap. At the end of the new list of options choose Press Back. Tap Double Press or Triple Press. Go through the new window to the end and choose “turn on the flashlight” or any other name you have associated with your shortcut. The changes should take effect in real time. Go to the main screen of the phone and double tap on the back. Your new shortcut should work. With another double tap you should be able to stop it.


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