The CoDi launch anniversary, BANXICO’s digital collection platform that until now has validated more than 5 million accounts. However, there are still people who do not know how to use them or which businesses accept them.

To clear up your doubts, we will share a quick guide to use and relevant information about CoDi. So you can pay for your purchases with your mobile and forget about removing the card or cash from your wallet.

What are the main advantages of CoDi?

Photo: Banxico / CoDi

To begin with, it is a digital payment format that anyone can use just by having a Smartphone, an account at any bank or financial institution and having the mobile banking service enabled through the app on your cell phone.

Payments and collections are carried out in real time, no commissions are charged for transactions and, using the same SPEI infrastructure, CoDi has a robust security system.

Another plus point is that it reduces health risks due to physical contact, since it is not necessary to exchange cash or a card.

Does my bank support CoDi transactions?

Foto: Expect Best / Pexels

Currently 33 financial institutions offer CoDi services:

Affirme, ASP, Transfer, BBVA, Monex, Compartamos, Azteca, Banregio, CiBanco, Multiva, Base, BanBajío, Mifel, Santander, Inbursa, Banamex, Bancoppel, Mi Banco, See for more, STP, Banorte, Fincomún, Pagatodo, Bankaool , Bancrea, Scotiabank, Intercam, HSBC and Consubanco accept payments and collections, while Bansi, Banj Ejército, Sabadell and Actinver they only accept payments.

What businesses accept CoDi payments?

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

There are several small businesses in CDMX that already have the CoDi system, but when talking about large companies we can confirm that La Comer, Chedrahui and Telcel already accept these transfers. On the other hand, Telmex, Coppel, Sanborns, Aspel and Sears are in the process of adopting CoDi.

What can I pay with CoDi?

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You can pay for products, services and food in restaurants. In addition, the Ministry of Mobility of the Government of Mexico City (Semovi) works to encourage more and more taxis to charge via CoDi. To find out if a seller or service provider accepts CoDi, look for the platform’s badge in the store.

As you can see, using CoDi is very easy and has many benefits, both for businesses and customers. Learn more about CoDi on its official site:, call 800-POR-CODI or write to [email protected]