Probably during this pandemic you have had the need to buy some things to set up your home office, or so that your children or siblings can have what they need for their online classes. The home office and home learning have made video calling services more popular than ever, as they are ideal for work meetings, or to take classes that were previously given in school classrooms. The bad thing is that many times our webcam may not be of the best quality, but instead of investing in a new webcam, perhaps the best thing will be to use your cell phone’s camera as a webcam.

This may sound complicated, but it is much easier than it sounds, so you will not need complex technical knowledge or anything like that, you just need to follow the instructions that we are going to give you below.

Credit: Jatin jangid via Unsplash

Use your Android phone as a webcam

The first thing you have to do is download a free application from the Play Store, which bears the name of “DroidCam Wireless Webcam”. You can download it from this link.

Once the application is installed you will see the instructions for the configuration on the screen, again, it seems complex, but it is not. You can click continue to see the information you need to connect your phone to the computer, but first download the program you will need for Windows, which you can download from this link. Here we must confirm what is already obvious, this solution only works for Windows and Android.

Once the program is installed on your computer, you just have to select the Wifi icon and then place in the “Device IP” section the same address that appears on the application screen on your phone. Finally, select if you want to use the video and audio, or if you only want to use one of the 2.

Before pressing “start” verify that the camera you really want to use is selected on your phone, as you have the option of using the front or the back, so if you use the back you can still have a better quality webcam.

Now yes, when you press “start” the connection is made by Wifi, so your computer and phone must be connected to the same network, otherwise you will not be able to make the link. Unfortunately, the free version does not allow you to rotate the camera, so you will have to adjust it manually, but it is not something annoying, but if you want to try with more options such as zoom, rotate camera and improve video quality, then you can opt for the Pro version, which has a cost of 100 pesos.

If your Wifi connection has problems or is not very stable, then you can also make the wired connection from your phone to the computer by means of a USB cable.