A few months ago we showed you how to transfer your entire library of photos from Facebook to Google Photos, this after a project called Data Transfer Project, which allows the migration of data between platforms quickly and easily, and in which companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter work.

And even though Data Transfer Project has companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple and Twitter, it is still not possible to pass all our files and information between the different services of these platforms, however, it is not the only way to do it. , because Google even has its own tool with which you can download all your content from Google Photos and send it directly to OneDrive, Dropbox, Drive or Box.

The above is used to have an additional copy of your photos and videos in the cloud, or to delete all the content of Google Photos without losing that material.

How to transfer Google Photos content to your Cloud storage folder?

As we mentioned at the beginning, this process is very simple and fast, although the time it will take to pass all your files will depend on the amount of items you have in your library.

The first thing you have to do is go directly to the following link, which takes you directly to Google Takeout.

Now select the albums you want to transfer and the formats of the files you want to transfer. All files and all formats are selected automatically.

By clicking on “Next step” you will have to select the delivery method, and there select if you want to receive a download link, or if you prefer that the upload be done in OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.

Now select if you want to make a single export, or if you prefer to do one every 2 months so that the new files that you upload to your Google Photos library are sent.

Finally, you will have to log into your OneDrive, Box, Dropbox or Google Drive account so that the export with the files is saved.