Having a smartphone is already much more than a recreational or luxury resource. A mobile device has become an indispensable tool to carry out all kinds of activities in our daily lives, especially in a context in which digital tools have become our main adaptation refuge; from having fun, interacting, to working and staying informed at all times.

But, for this, we require a juicy mobile data plan that allows us to use our phone as long as we want without having to waste all the money from our portfolio.

In that sense, Movistar has a very interesting and attractive modality called Family Plus an option with which you can not only add multiple lines to your account, but also allows you to save on your monthly rent payment.

For each line that you add to your account, Movistar will grant you a 15% discount on each invoice and, by doing so, you will have the possibility of maximizing the use of data since they will pass and receive gigs between the lines that make up your Family Plus, that is, of all those that are under the same account.

Regardless of the plan you have, you can add more lines to your account to keep saving. If you and your family members were already happy with this, it is necessary to add that they can also pass and ask for gigabytes between lines of the same account easily and quickly through the Movistar Mx app, available on Android and iOS, in just three steps:

1.- Select Pass or ask

2.- Indicate the 10-digit number

3.- Select the gigabytes to transfer

Once you have carried out these steps with the app, you will receive a confirmation and that’s it! It’s as simple as that.

To learn more about this incredible modality of Family Plus, you can access the Movistar official site. Or, we invite you to follow MovistarMx social networks at Facebook, Twitter e Instagram to continue learning more about the company or to consult any questions you may have.

There is no doubt that with this option, everyone who knows you will want to be part of your family.