With the launch of Android 11 came a very interesting function that allows you to perform some functions with the double touch on the back, however, since it is necessarily necessary to have a phone with Android 11 to use it, at the moment it is a feature that is very Few people can try it, however, thanks to the huge Android community we can now enjoy this function on any phone with Android 7.0 or higher.

The application I am talking about had already been recommended by Unocero a few weeks ago, but the reason why I am dedicating a note to it again and not just an update is because at the time I had recommended it when the application was in an Alpha version , that is, it is an initial version, however, it still worked very well. A few days ago the app was launched in beta version, and it includes new functions and performance improvements, because now we can even establish a double or triple tap configuration to execute actions.

In my case, the double-tap function has helped me a lot to take a screenshot, but this option is customizable, so in your case it could work to turn on the flashlight, launch an application, open the voice assistant, etc.

The first thing you should do is download TapTap from the XDA-Developers website, but remember to install the beta version, not the Alpha. Once installed, remember that you must activate the accessibility service for the application, or you must also deactivate any battery option that blocks the app in the background, otherwise it will not work as it should.

How to configure two-touch and three-touch actions

Setting up the application is really quick and easy, as you just have to open the option that says “Double Tap Actions” to establish what happens with the double tap on the back of the device. Here you will have a very wide range of options to configure, it is even much broader than the native option of Google in Android 11, so you can even activate the power menu of the equipment to turn it off without having to press the physical button of the device .

The “Triple Tap Actions” menu serves exactly the same thing, but instead of being activated with two taps on the back it needs to be done with 3. When I tested the application a few weeks ago there was no 3-tap configuration, and there were no others options such as setting the type of response when activating the gesture, or that of the gates, whose objective is to avoid the use of the gesture in certain scenarios, for example, when the screen is locked, when we are on a phone call, with the device connected by USB, etc.

The fact that it is possible to set more than one action for each double or triple tap makes TapTap a totally essential application for any user who likes to modify and personalize their phone.


Finally, I would like to remind you that in the Gestures> Device model option, only some Google Pixels will appear here, so it is advisable to select the equipment that most resembles your device by size and specifications.