How to save wisely on creams and makeup

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In times of skinny pockets, it is key to distinguish in which products are worth investing more and in which it is possible to save money.

Cosmetic products involve a significant outlay of money, it can be more or less, but within the articles of daily use, they are among those that generate the most expenses.

Now, is it possible to save and still take care of your skin and wear a good makeup? The answer is yes, a resounding yes, the key is to spend wisely.

“You can’t stop investing in a good cleaner, a moisturizer, an eye contour and sunscreen, which is the best antiaging, “says María Florencia Paniego, a dermatologist.

In which products you can spend less or, in the worst case, do without them: tonic, serum, masks, boosters, etc.

Cleaning the skin well is key, as indicated by the dermatologist Carolina Nin: “If there is no deep cleaning, the dirt on the skin will prevent the moisturizing or anti-aging treatment from being absorbed and acting at its maximum capacity “.

It often happens that women with dry skin avoid the use of cleanser because they feel that the skin is drier. As always happens in cosmetics, it is essential to choose a good vehicle, that is, to know what is the proper texture according to skin type. In this case, Nin recommends “cleansing milks, since they are thicker than micellar water or gels and, at the same time, provide softness and hydration thanks to their enriched formulas and hydrating active ingredients”.

Then comes the next step: hydrate; and in this instance those who are sometimes reluctant to do so are people with oily or oily skin; However, saying no to the fire hydrant is counterproductive. According to Paniego: “You always have to hydrate because if you clean and not moisturize, the skin defends itself and increases sebaceous secretion to protect itself.”

Here also the quid the issue is the texture, today the market offers a lot of water-based creams, gels, etc.

The toner -the step that would follow the cleansing- helps to level the PH of the skin, but it can be spend the bare minimum; there are massive brands that offer different options for prices that range between $ 300 and $ 600; or even overlook it, as Paniego points out: “It is not really necessary, unless it is necessary to decongest a skin with rosacea; in that case, the dermatologist will indicate the appropriate treatment, it can be mist, decongestant tonic, soothing”.

With a good cleaning and moisturizer already in place, comes the third basic step: sunscreen. This is how the holy trinity of skin care is formed: “It is useless to buy the best antiaging if we do not have a good cleaning routine before or if we do not use sunscreen afterwards. is the best antiage! “, assures Nin.

The appropriate amount to use is a teaspoon for the whole face; skimping and leaving areas of the face uncovered is wasting time and money.

It is already known that on cloudy days you also have to use sunscreen, but it is often thought that indoors is unnecessary: ​​nothing further. “Even if one is indoors and is not exposed to direct sun, the protector must be applied due to the UV radiation emitted by electronic devices and also the rays that enter through the windows”, indicates Karla Vasconcel, university technician in cosmiatry .

There is another category of products that are complementary, such as scrubs and masks. That they work as a plus already gives a guideline on the money to invest.

Paniego is categorical about it: “The masks remain on the surface and they do not penetrate, they give a feeling of spa, but the product is not absorbed by the skin. “All said.

Vasconcel agrees and warns about a very fashionable issue when it comes to saving: “They are products of which you can do without, since they are a plus in the routines. I totally discourage making mixtures or homemade masks, it is preferable to skip this step and resume it when possible. “

A tip to save is to choose the multipurpose products, like micellar water, which cleanses the skin, but can also be used as a make-up remover.


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