How to replace white flour in the diet

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The process of refining wheat to transform it into White flour it can be really harmful and cause the final product to no longer have exactly the same properties as its raw material. However, there are healthy ways to replace this industrialized ingredient.

Impact of wheat refining

The process of wheat refinement It ends up affecting its original nutritional values, making it an insignificant food for our health. Despite being a source of carbohydrates, which is pure energy for us, a lot of nutrients and benefits are not obtained, due to the fact that the essence of the plant was lost in the refinement. The lack of nutrients is evidenced by the fact that the dust rarely spoils, since bacteria and insects are not interested in what does not have nutrients.

How to replace white flour in your diet

Here are some of the best options for removing the White flour and use healthy flour substitutes.

1. Biomass of green bananas

The biomass of green bananas is a prebiotic. This means that it helps to improve the functioning of the intestine, helps in the slimming process, as it maintains the feeling of satiety for a longer time due to the peculiarities of its fibers, apart from promoting the control of glucose and cholesterol.

2. Rice flour

It is the main substitute for wheat flour in many recipes, such as bread, pasta, cookies and cakes. Those who cannot consume gluten choose it as the ideal substitute because of the affordable cost and because it is easy to get. In addition to this, the rice flour gives a greater thickening of the dough, which makes its texture more akin to the original recipes.

3. Flaxseed meal

This ideal flour to replace white flour promotes satiety and helps in weight control. It has phytosterols that promote regulation or reduce gynecological problems, such as TPM and menopause. It also prevents diabetes and high blood pressure and helps prevent high cholesterol. Apart from having antioxidants that fight aging.

4. Cassava flour

One of the big drawbacks of refined wheat flour is that it is pro-inflammatory. This is so because it causes widespread micro-inflammations. On the other hand, cassava flour is the ideal substitute for this condition, since it does not contain gluten and gliadin, responsible for this effect.

5. Quinoa flour

Considered sacred by the Incas, used in the Bolivian Andes for more than five thousand years, quinoa flour is a source of protein and has sixteen essential amino acids present in its composition, including tryptophan, the predecessor of serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with feeling of relaxation.

6. Cassava flour

Cassava flour is one of the few gluten-free flours that can be used in the same way as wheat flour. It is widely used for the preparation of puddings, baked breads, and other recipes that work very well as dessert or breakfast. It can also be used to prepare cakes, cookies, pancakes, crepes or arepas.

We invite you to know complete information about the benefits of cassava flour and how to add it correctly to your meals.


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