We are in the season that football fanatic gamers look forward to each year, as the latest installment of FIFA is about to come.

FIFA 21 has marked as launch date the October 9 and will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Also, it will be coming to Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 5 and Stadia at some point yet to be specified.

But fans of this annual franchise abound who really can’t wait to get their hands on FIFA 21 and that is why this time we will say How to play this title before October 9.

The first is being part of EA Play, the subscription service that currently exists on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, which offers access to a selection of EA games and various incentives, such as discounts, challenges and rewards.

The members of EA Play will have access to FIFA 21 from this October 1, but they should not lose sight that they will only have 10 hours of playtime. Also, it is not necessary to have purchased this title to use the trial time.

Also, there will be exclusive content -like power-ups and stadium customization- and early access objectives.

The second way to play FIFA 21 before anyone else is acquiring the Champions Edition o la Ultimate Edition.

In this way, from the October 6th -three days before the official launch- you can enjoy the entire game without a time limit.

Remember that the EA Play membership costs 65 Mexican pesos or if you speak it, you can opt for the annual subscription for a total of 399 MXN.

There is also the EA Play Pro version, with which you have early access to the deluxe versions of EA titles, as well as rewards and pro-level content. Cost 339 Mexican pesos per month, or 2900 MXN year.