The use of masks is mandatory in all public spaces since last May and for the entire population, including children from 6 years of age, although health authorities also recommend the use of a mask from 3 years of age.

Children’s mask regulations: what type should they use? At what age is it mandatory? In what situations?

The recommended masks for the general healthy population are hygienic, of which there is a standard size for adults and, for children, three sizes of masks according to age: small (3-5 years), medium (6-9 years) and large (10-12 years).

Thus, in the return to school of this new course that began in September, It is mandatory for all students and professionals to wear a mask, also from the age of six.

How to put the name on the masks?

Parents and teachers know very well that, when it comes to the smallest of the house, it is essential to mark personal belongings and school supplies with the student’s name, since children can lose it or even accidentally exchange it with a partner.

This situation is more serious when it comes to masks, completely personal and non-transferable, so it is important to put the child’s name on the mask.

To do this, the first recommendation is not to embroider the name with thread, since piercing the mask may lose its effectiveness. Thus, the simplest solution to put the name is to do it with a specific textile marker. It is important not to use a normal marker, as this can wet the fabric and make it less effective.

Another similar option is to use the ink stamps that are bought with the name of children to mark clothes and other school objects. They can also be used stickers with child’s name. A very simple idea to avoid having to buy a special fabric marker or a personalized stamp is attach a small label made of paper on the strips of the mask with the name.