Coronavirus infections continue to increase in Spain during the second wave, especially in certain parts of Spain where the number of positive cases grow faster.

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In this way and during the second wave of infections, an attempt is being made to detect asymptomatic cases, that is, people with the disease but no symptoms, although they can infect it.

Detecting these cases is a way to avoid new infections and to facilitate the work of the trackers who, once a positive case is detected, tThey have to notify all close contacts of the infected person.

To know if a person has been in close contact with someone infected with coronavirus, one must know what it means to be close contact. In general and at the community level, close contact is considered any person who has been:

  1. In the same place as a case in the last 48 hours
  2. At a distance less than 2 meters
  3. And for more than 15 minutes

The person who fulfills these three keys will be considered close contact and is more likely to have been infected, as indicated from the document of the Ministry of Health on the strategy of early detection, surveillance and control of Covid-19.