A few days ago Amazon announced new versions of the Fire TV Stick, which is one of their best-selling devices so far. In the case of Mexico and other Latin American countries, only the Fire TV Stick Lite will be available, whose main difference with the new Fire TV Stick is that in the control we do not have volume and on / off buttons, but in everything else they are basically the same, so we have a control with integrated Alexa.

But today we are not going to talk about the specifications or differences of the Fire TV Stick, but about how to solve a problem that affects many users outside the United States and Europe, because, although it may seem surprising, there are many applications that are available for it. Fire TV STick in the United States and Europe, but cannot be downloaded in Mexico. The most surprising thing is that these applications can be downloaded without problems on platforms such as Roku or Android TV.

In my case, I have found that applications such as Plex or Pluto TV that I use a lot on other devices are not in the Fire TV store, but if you look for them on the Internet you will be able to realize that they are available for this platform, although some reason in Mexico they cannot be downloaded.

Fortunately, the Fire TV Stick allows you to install APK files without any problem as it happens on Android, and this is because Fire TV OS is based on Android, in fact, the Fire TV Stick Lite is based on Android 9.0, while the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition does it on Android 5.0.

The problem is that the applications that make it easier to install an APK on the Fire TV Stick are also not available in the store in Mexico, so we have to resort to another method that is not difficult to use either.

Install an APK on a Fire TV Stick

Before explaining how to download an APK on the Fire TV Stick you must have activated the option to install apps of unknown origin, for that you will have to go to the Fire TV Stick configuration and then select the “My Fire TV” section, there you can find another option with the name “Developer options” and within another menu that says “Apps of unknown origin”, which will have to be activated.

Now, since you have this option activated, you must do the following:

  • Go to the Utilities section and look for the “Wireless File Manager” application, which allows you to send files from your phone to the Fire TV Stick quickly and easily.
  • Find the APK of the application that you want to install on your Fire TV Stick, I recommend that you do it from APK Mirror, looking for the version of the application you need for Android TV.
  • Once you have downloaded the APK, it is necessary to open the Wireless File Manager application and click on the “Star Wireless File Manager” option, so you will have to go to the address that appears on the screen to transfer the files. It is important that your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Fire TV Stick.

  • Once you have transferred the files, you can install the APK and have the application you need so much on your Fire TV Stick,

An important note is that there are times when certain applications are not compatible, if this is the case I recommend you try another available APK.

Another option: install Aptoide TV

Once you can transfer an APK to your device, my recommendation is that you download the Aptoide TV APK, an alternative store that will allow you to easily find any application for Android TV that can work with the Fire TV.

An advantage of this is that as it is an alternative store, you will be able to receive updates to the applications you download so that you do not have to install a new APK from time to time.

However, it is also important that you only install applications from well-known publishers, because as in other alternative stores you do not know what type of application you can find.