For most people, September is an uphill month, as it is time to return to the routine that we change to enjoy the summer. Although going back to the office (and to the lunch box) and to the usual activities is expensive, resuming the sports routine is one of the obligations that involves the most effort, since getting back into the habit of training before or after work is not easy. To try to motivate your return to fitness life, you have decided to equip yourself and have everything you need to achieve it, from the sportwatch to help you discover that you are progressing well in your goals to the sports package with which you feel comfortable.

Of course, no matter how much you invest in equipping yourself, you need laziness not to take over you when it comes to sports session. And we have a trick to achieve it: practice sports at home. And, in this way, you will not have to travel anywhere to perform your workouts. Another reason to complement your sessions in the gim with routines at home is that you can do them at the time that suits you best, without having to be aware of the schedules of the classes of the sports center. Finally, another motivation to train at home is to have a good exercise machine. fitness that allows us to gain more lung capacity (and thus improve in the rest of sports), while protecting ourselves from the low temperatures that will eventually arrive.

If you think that getting one is going to leave your pocket shaking, it is because you did not know that in the Cecotec catalog there are good proposals … and for less than 200 euros! This is the case of the Runnerfit Step Red treadmill, a foldable device that will help you achieve your sports goals. Do you want to discover its benefits?

The treadmill, by Cecotec.

What this treadmill offers

In addition to allowing us to exercise without having to leave home, this Cecotec treadmill has everything we need to adapt to our needs and demands at all times, to ensure that the return to the sports routine is comfortable and fruitful. For it, includes a console with LED display from which we can check, at all times, the speed, time, distances and calories burned that the exercise we are doing is assuming, whether it is walking or running, since it is already known that both (taking into account, yes , the minutes that are made of each), are effective to keep the heart in shape and, also, to lose the extra pounds that summer has left us.

It should be noted that other of its strengths are the configuration of three automatic programs that help us raise the intensity level of our sports routine; grip arms that it has on each side to ensure comfort and safety at all times; the front structure with speakers included and a hole for the water bottle; plus, the ease of folding it and moving it around the house easily, as it incorporates two front wheels that allow them to be moved as if it were a cart.

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