During these months of pandemic, confinement and a new normalmany homes have been ‘recycled’ and converted into new multipurpose spaces where you work and study but you also play sports, relax or do some leisure activity. The premise during this time has been to enhance a comfortable home, conditioned to spend more hours inside and where, in addition, cleanliness and order are much more important. In fact, according to a study by KH Lloreda, 76% of people in Spain claim to have significantly changed their cleaning habits due to the coronavirus.

How can the decoration of a home help these new cleaning habits? According to the Silestone Institute, this is one of the keys since “decoration trends must focus on the search for order, austerity and, above all, comfort, but without ever losing sight of aesthetics and design ”.

The platform provides some ideas that can help improve the design in homes:

Reform, distribution and expansion of spaces to combine life and work

That is, it is about creating multifunctional environments in which several routines can be carried out: work or study but also rest, eat with the family or relax by doing a meditation or yoga class.

Incorporation of technology, which facilitates our routine and makes us live in a more comfortable way

Any investment in electronic devices, home automation, systems that allow you to control different household appliances from your mobile or regulate the light and raise and lower the blinds … they are always a success and a guarantee that life will be easier when we spend so many hours at home.

Have open spaces

Sofa covers, artificial plants … Eleven elements that we should do without in the living room to improve it

The clearer the spaces, the more spacious they will seem and the less overwhelming it will be to spend many hours at home. Respect passageways, do not opt ​​for bulky furniture in small rooms or an excess of decorative objects.

More sustainable spaces, making the most of natural light

Bright environments help regulate circadian rhythms. Let the sun rays enter the house, take advantage of the hours of natural light and raise the blinds.

To choose colors and decorative objects that define our lifestyle and give joy, design and freshness to our environments

Always opt for create space and a feeling of lightness when making a reform or choosing a home.

In addition, Silestone Institute recalls some basic cleaning principles that should prevail to maintain hygiene in the home in times of coronavirus:

Clean our hands frequently, especially when returning from the street.

Decoration of a living room.
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– Avoid cross contamination, maintaining the hygiene of food and utensils before, during and after cooking.

Ventilate spaces on a daily basis.

– Clean and disinfect constantly surfaces and floors.

– Apply a correct food storage, consuming them before their expiration date and avoiding their waste.