The Day of the Dead It is one of the most important traditions in Mexico. People prepare to put their offering, eat delicious bread of the dead and remember those who are gone.

Contrary to other cultures, this special date celebrates death and does so with a lot of color and a wealth of rituals. Facebook, the largest social network today, has decided to join this tradition with some news for users.

Facebook points out that, in the last three months, people in Mexico have made more than 4.2 million publications and comments on the platform about the celebration of Day of the Dead.

From this, it is that Facebook has identified that the love for Pan de Muerto is stronger than ever, since more than 1.2 million people in the country have mentioned it at least in the last 90 days.

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Facebook and the Day of the Dead

In these times of social distancing, Facebook is a place where people make connections and build communities. Celebrating dates like Día de Muertos is one of the many ways that people share experiences within the platform. You can join this digital celebration using the hashtag #Day of the Dead in your Facebook posts and Instagram”Said the company through a statement.

The social network reported that the function has been launched gradually, so it is expected that in the course of these days, it will reach all Mexicans to be able to celebrate.

How to have your Day of the Dead avatar on Facebook

Facebook gives the option to customize and edit the Avatar so that it is a digital version of its creator.

We give you the steps to create yours:

  1. Go to the menu tab
  2. Then click on “see more”
  3. Then select the term “Avatars”

Similarly, you can go to the comments section from your profile of Facebook o en Messenger and click on the sticker icon and then on the “Make your avatar” part to start creating your character.

Once you’ve done it, you’ll need to go to a post you want to comment on to find your version of Day of the Dead. Click on the emoji to find your Avatar in multiple facets.

You will see that your own personalized avatar will immediately appear with Day of the Dead.

Post it and voila!

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There are also many other themed stickers and frames that you can use for your profile picture.